What Kangaroos taught us about longer drives…

“And recent ultrasound imaging has allowed us to see that humans are the only two-legged species on the planet that also has this type of elastic kinetic storage system.”

Okay, so what does all that fancy jargon from Bill Parisi (legend in the athletic speed and performance world), mean? What’s he talking about?

He’s talking about kangaroos.


Okay, a kangaroo’s superpower is its ability to jump up to 45 ft in a single bound – that’s a first down PLUS 5 more yards! So, take that Patrick Mahomes.

For them, that ability is literally a matter of life and death.

So, what allows kangaroos to hop so ridiculously far is their elastic system (fascia) we’ve been talking about all week.

And holy s***! We have that same system!

You ever see that shiny film on raw chicken, steak, ribs, etc.? THAT is fascia tissue.

Just like a stretched rubber band, kangaroos load up the energy, then quickly release the stored elastic energy with a pulse of force that drives them forward in the air.

Kinda sounds like a golf swing, no?

  1. We load our energy in our backswings.
  2. On our downswing, we release with a quick pulse of force through the ball.
  3. The ball is sent down the fairway (hopefully).

So, what if you could train that elastic system to store even MORE energy?

And then release MORE energy onto an unsuspecting golf ball to send it even farther down the fairway (hopefully)?

Up until now, that system has been under-appreciated because we simply didn’t understand the importance.

We always knew it was in our bodies, but thought it was just plastic wrap holding our insides together.

It turns out that it’s more like a super spider web that intertwines just about every tissue in our body.

Which means it plays a HUGE role in every move our bodies make.

So, aside from just holding our bodies together and providing structure, our fascial system impacts our balance, our proprioception (which is our awareness of our body position in space) and helps us store and release energy, like during a golf swing.

And the best part?

We now know how to train it to be more elastic. Which means more energy stored and released…
Which means?

Come on, you’ve got this…

Longer Drives!!!

In my almost 20 years in this game, this is the most exciting development…by A LOT.

Just when we thought we were stuck making incremental improvements…BAM! We uncover “Hyper-Elastic” training.

Which leads me to today’s announcement:

Tomorrow, we’re going to be releasing our shiny, new training program called:


It’s for us 35+ golfers who want to gain 20+ yards in the next two weeks.

So, be sure to keep checking your email as I’ll have more details.

Ok, gotta run. Need to put the finishing touches on the program.

Your #1 Fan,
Jeff Pelizzaro

PS – IMPORTANT UPDATE (for those who skip to the bottom:): If you want to add 20+ yards over the next 14 days, HYPER-ELASTIC DISTANCE is coming in 24 hours.