WHAT? WHY? HOW? Resistance Bands

In the video below, Jeff is going to tackle the many, many reasons all golfers should adopt resistance bands (keep them in your bag) – more specifically the Crossover Symmetry Chords system.

So, the first question you should ask yourself is, “Jeff, you seem like a pretty knowledgeable fella, so why would I use resistance bands instead of dumbbells or a cable?”

To which his response would be:

  • It is easier to change angles of your motion
  • It is easier to change directions of your motion
  • You may not have all the equipment you need at home
  • Easy to travel with bands or chords

Resistance bands are a ridiculously versatile and low-cost piece of equipment you can use for just about everything, but this video is going to focus on those all-important muscles around your shoulder blades.

Those muscles are extremely important for golfers because we need to hold postures, swing with power and  stabilize our shoulders as we rotate through the swing.

In this video, not only will you explore the awesomeness of resistance bands, but Jeff is also going to show you a few exercises you can incorporate into your workouts right away.

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