[What? Why? How?] Sliders

Golfers are using sliders (sometimes called gliders) to increase core strength and improve hip range-of-motion, and having fun doing it.

Survey Says…I’m Bored

The #3 most popular reason people quit training programs is because the workouts aren’t enjoyable.  Think of sliders as the ranch dressing of exercises – they make everything better.

The greatest workout program ever designed by man isn’t going to work if you get bored and quit, so sliders do two great things for core strengthening and hip range-of-motion: 1) create variety, and 2) get your whole body involved.

Way Less Fun Than The Malachi Crunch

The world record for abdominal crunches in one hour is 7,787, and if I had to guess, the worst part of that hour was not the physical stress, but the mental agony of how boring crunches are.

They are equally as effective as they are boring, so that’s why we do them.

Luckily, crunches aren’t the only “core” game in town.  In the video above, I’m going to show you three alternative exercises to the dreaded crunch that are a lot of fun and just as valuable.

It’s Hip To Be Cool

Any golf trainer, coach or caddie will be the first to tell you how important your hips are to your golf swing and that you need to work on your strength and mobility in those areas for a variety of reasons.

In the video, you’re going to see two exercises using the sliders – the first concentrates on rotation and the second focuses on hip mobility.

You feel like a little kid sliding around, so both exercises are difficult, but still a lot of fun.

The Cure For Sameness

Staying entertained and engaged in your workouts is one of the keys to long-term success both on and off the course.

Sliders are a fun, easy and inexpensive way to give you variety and keep you on track.