Why do only 40% strength train?

It’s already 78 degrees here in St. Louis, so Tuesday, April 4th is the very unofficial start to the warm golf season. And what a great way to start Masters Week!

Speaking of The Masters, Corey Conners has been a consistent pick for me in our Draft Kings pool each year – great ball striker who always does well at Augusta. Well, now the secret it is out (thanks a lot Mr. Conners and your $1.6M fun money:)

He’s good buddies with fellow 18STRONG golfer Adam Long who said he is a great guy, so root for him whole-heartedly this week.

Other than being two PGA Tour players, they also separate themselves from 60% of Americans…because they strength train.

So, why in the hell would 6 of 10 Americans completely ignore the benefits of strength training:

Get stronger (no kidding)Help stay leanerHelp prevent injuriesHelp us live and play golf longerBoost our confidenceWell, there are a lot of reasons (99% are terrible excuses):

They think they’ll get hurtThey don’t have enough time (this one drives me bats**t crazy)They’re too weak to get startedToday, let’s simplify strength training for golfers – this does not have to be complicated.

A proper full-body workout for golfers should include five movements:

PushPullRotateHingeSquatYup. That’s all we need to start growing strong both on and off the course.

Do those five things consistently, and you will reap all of the strength training benefits alotted to us 40-percenters.

From there, we keep progressing.

Before I get outside before my next client, definitely join our Draft Kings pool for the Masters. It’s super fun and keeps you even more tuned it.

***18STRONG in no way benefits financially from the pool unless either myself or Ryan win the pool – which hasn’t happened yet, so your money is clean.

Your #1 Fan,
Jeff Pelizzaro

PS – I mentioned above that we keep progressing once you’ve started your five movements.

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