Why only chumps pay for self-improvement books

It’s not talked about much, for reasons that will be obvious.

But, when it comes to self-improvement books there’s a huge difference between buying these things and paying for them.

In my opinion, if you pay for those books, you’re a chump.

If you buy these books, you’re a champ.

And I’ll prove it to you right now:

One of my prized possessions in my library is Atomic Habits by James Clear. 

I’ve gone through it multiple times and has become more of a textbook for me.

There are notes in the margins, yellow highlights and underlined sentences all over the thing.

Unless I become famous, the book is pretty much worthless.

I heard about it from our co-founder Ryan and casually put it on my reading list with no real expectations.

But after reading this thing, I can trace thousands of strokes shaved, pounds lost and years added to not only my life, but our clients and 18STRONG followers.

I still reference it at least once a week.

And my fitness, relationships and business still profit from it.

Thus, I bought that book.

I didn’t pay for it. 

On the other hand:

If I’d done what probably 95% of people do these days with self-improvement books – where it just sits on my shelf, maybe I flip through it, then tell everyone “that’s what I’m reading right now.”

Then I’m on to the next big, shiny object for another exciting new purchase that gives me a shot of dopamine…

…and got nothing from it. 

Zero benefit.

And gave it the same value as a door stop…I would have paid for it and not bought it.

Paying for it would have made me a chump.

Buying it though, has made me a champ (at what I do).

There are many more ramifications to this phenomenon. 

And even more benefits to be had from people who understand it.

And realize how much more valuable putting things into action is vs letting gold sit on your shelf.

Especially when using our “Golf Body Blueprint – Activate” training program.

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Jeff Pelizzaro