You’re not normal.

Yup, it’s only Monday and I’m leading with…


And it’s a great thing.

You’re reading this email – and while there are quite a few really smart subscribers to our daily-ish email, there are millions who aren’t.

There are golfers out there who want to get into shape and play their best golf who have never heard of 18STRONG:)

You’re in the 1% of the 1% of motivated golfers who are seeking something bold and different. You’re putting time, effort, heart and soul into building the life you want…we’re the same, that’s how we found each other.

It could be your physical and emotional health, your performance, your career, your relationships, etc.

Make no mistake, my fell golf nut, you are special.

But because you’re super motivated to better yourself – you can make the fatal mistake assuming everyone is on the same page as us.

I can assure you…they are NOT.

They’re overwhelmed. They’re confused. They’re ready to give up.

You know so much more than you think.

Maybe fat loss is your goal right now and assume everyone knows that because it’s “low calorie” doesn’t mean it’s healthy. It can still have lots of processed, un-pronounce-able ingredients.

Sometimes, we fall into the “assumption” trap too.

I’ve made the mistake that most golfers want everything – a library of complete training programs, all the bells and whistles of a workout app, a Facebook group, etc.

But, I’ve repeatedly polled our audience, and the results are pretty eye-opening.

A large population of our Crew don’t want to use an app to workout. They want a simple, printable PDF they can take notes on and keep in their gym bag.

And we’re listening.

So, let’s both do this assignment today…

Look in the mirror and tell yourself, “I’m special” 25 times.

Totally joking! That is cheesy. And I’m sure super awkward.

Instead, simply stop basing decisions on assumptions.

Listen to those you trust. Watch them. Ask lots of questions. Dig in deep.

There is a paralyzing amount of information out there (mostly white, hot garbage), so it’s time to get dirty and help yourself.

Your #1 Fan,
Jeff Pelizzaro

PS – We are kicking around the idea of a new, streamlined, simplified, monthly subscription.

Each month, we’ll send you a new workout via PDF. That’s it.

If you’re interested, please add your name here.