Relieve Lower Back Pain And Stiffness

If you’re like many of the golfers we meet, at one time or another, you’ve struggled with lower back pain and stiffness.

Boy, that can ruin your round in a hurry.

Nick Mueller, our resident mobility expert here at 18STRONG, is going to get you loose again so you can finish your round comfortably.

Click Below To Play Video:
As the golf season starts to get into full swing, there may be a time on the course when your back doesn’t feel quite right.

It could happen during your swing, hitting a surprise bump in your cart, or even just tying your shoes.

And there is nothing more frustrating when you think there is nothing you can do about it and your day is finished.

But, fear not.

As Nick demonstrates in the video, here are the three movements you can quickly and comfortably do on the course:

  1. Towel toe touches
  2. Stork turns
  3. Lunge – Pelvis – Rotate

Depending upon your stiffness and pain, use as necessary.

If you really want to be proactive, get yourself loose and warm before you play and run through the movements for five minutes on the #1 tee box.