The Work-Out-Anywhere Program is Back

It’s Friday afternoon, and I just read a staggering number that, in the back of my head I knew was going to be good, but still hoped for the best. 

The report came out in July, but I couldn’t bring myself to read it until today.  According to The Global Health & Fitness Association, 22% of fitness facilities permanently closed in 2020. 

For reasons beyond logic, few businesses suffered as much as the fitness industry – just when we needed it most. 

Last I checked, the best way to protect ourselves against disease and illness is to stay fit and healthy.  It’s the weekend, so I’m not going to aggravate myself and get into it, so here’s some good news: 

Today we’re re-releasing the Golf Body Blueprint – Anywhere program. 

For the past 10 months or so, it was only available in the Membership App, but we had a ton of requests to make it a 1-time cost.  I get it.  There are a lot of things I prefer to just pay for and not have to think about it. 

So, whether you prefer to work out in your living room, your garage, or need to keep moving the needle forward while you’re traveling, we’ve got you covered.  

Now, you can absolutely use only your body weight, but I would suggest investing in a few bands.  I just looked on Amazon, and you can get a decent set for about $15 (I keep a Thera-Band in my golf bag to help me warm-up when I have time, so you can write it off as a business expense:) 

To help offset that equipment expense, we’re doing a special “re-launch” price of $67 (normally $97). 

I just watched the episode of Seinfeld when Puddy sells Jerry a car, so here’s my best used-car salesmen pitch:  

“For the cost just north of a box of Pro V1s, you can get your body into shape to play your best golf and be the envy of all the guys on the course…all from the comfort of your own home.  We’ll even throw in the extended warranty.  So, what’s it gonna take to get you into a work-out-anywhere program today?” 

That’s it. No more hard sell. 

Enjoy the weekend! 

Your #1 Fan, 

Jeff Pelizzaro, 

PS – All kidding aside.  If you do prefer to get a good, solid workout at home specifically designed for golfers, I think you’ll enjoy the program we’ve mapped out.   

Here’s the link: 

Also, if you feel safe, I highly encourage you to return to your local gym.  A lot of these folks are struggling, so it’d be great to support another small business. 

Subject: Do THIS ONE Thing Before You Play 

Happy Saturday afternoon!  Today, we have the annual Pelizzaro Weenie Roast (just a working title), and it’s gonna be awesome to hang out with the Italian side of the family. 

DISCLAIMER: We don’t condone eating hot dogs, sausages, and other processed meats.  Nor do we condone delicious, cold suds to wash them down.  We are a golf fitness company, after all. 

Yeah right.   

Days like today are a great reason why we do the work…a guilt-free day of food and drinks that aren’t good for us. 

On Monday, I’ll get back to eating like a human being. 

Also on Monday, our Golf Body Blueprint – Anywhere “re-launch” ends.   

That’s the bodyweight/at-home workout program for golfers who prefer more time and geographical freedom. 

CLICK HERE to find out more. 

Until Monday morning, we’re reducing the price from $97 to $67 to celebrate the re-launch.   

So, speaking of indulging in weenies and suds, check out #4 of our Crew Values: 

ENJOY IT – We’re lucky to have found something that makes us happy, and for which we are grateful.  We have an optimistic, positive attitude.  We celebrate our wins.  We do the work so we can play.     

How about that last sentence? 

I see too many guys beat themselves up on the course, in the kitchen, and just in general.   

These days, it’s easy to lose sight that this is supposed to be fun.  So, if I can leave you with one thing on this glorious Saturday, it’s this… 

…whether you get out today or not, enjoy whatever it is you’re doing. 

Your #1 Fan, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

On Monday, if you’re ready to start putting in the work, then I think you’ll enjoy GB2 – Anywhere.   

And I’m not saying you can’t start right now or tomorrow.  I just know how we all like to start new on Mondays. 

Here’s the link for your perusing pleasure: