💪 #1 “hack” to faster results 

Welcome to Thursday. Or, as we call it around these parts, Live CREW & A Day. So, if you haven’t registered for today’s coaching call, be sure to click the link above. 

But, before we get down to business, I want to share something ASAP as it can make a HUGE difference in your results. 

Every few days, someone will ask me, “Jeff, what I think about [some trendy fitness or wellness topic … things like fasting, supplements, a new fitness gadget …]. 

Basically, something (anything!) that’s designed to speed up your results – no matter how ridiculous it sounds. 

So, over the next few days, I’m going to focus on how to REALLY supercharge your results and break down specific actions you can take to elevate your results to the next level…fast. 

Because YES: it IS possible to make small changes that yield BIG results.  

In this email, I’ve got the #1 TIP to rocket you toward your goals.  

This is the absolute most important thing you should do before you get fancy with any “hacks.”  

It’s this: NAIL YOUR BASICS.  

What kind of basics? Here they are: 

  • Make sure you eat a healthy, high-quality-food diet that covers your nutritional needs. 
  • Sleep 7-9 hours a night.  
  • Move every single day. 
  • Lift heavy things. 
  • Surround yourself with positivity. 

These are non-negotiables because together, your basics will make the BIGGEST IMPACT on your energy, fitness and body composition.  

…not to mention any golf goals you have. 

My assignment for you (it’s something I’m doing right along with you): is to DOUBLE DOWN on the BASICS. Tomorrow, we can start getting fancy with “biohacks” to give you that little “extra.” 

You’ve got this.  

Your #1 Fan, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

PS – I’m reluctant to use the word “hack” because the sleazy salespeople have changed it to mean “shortcut”, which is not what I mean at all. I’m talking about throwing a little bit more and more gasoline on your fire.   

Together, we’re going to make you more efficient. Everything you do is going to give you just a little more.  

If you’re ready to get the party started, then I would join the 18STRONG Membership today. We’ll help you check all the basics from the list above.