💪 2-step formula 

Good day my fellow golf nut.  

Now, Koepka is going to follow the cash to the LIV Tour? I don’t blame these guys, but as an entrepreneur, I’ve found that it’s never a good idea to chase $$$. 

What has worked for me is putting my heart and soul into this email every day – with the hope that it’s helping you live your best life. 

Some listen. Some take action. And those who do are always happy with the results. 

Then…there’s the majority. 

The majority who watch from the sidelines. 

They listen to podcasts. Read articles. Watch YouTube videos. 

And they never actually DO because they are terrified of failure. 

So, they procrastinate. Make excuses. Chase perfection. 

Okay, sometimes they “do”, but they never really go “all-in”. 

Maybe they buy P90X or subscribe to the Daily Burn. Heck, maybe they join the 18STRONG Membership. They may even download the app and do a few of the workouts.  

And that’s it. 

They don’t look like Rory on the cover of Men’s Health right out of the gate, so they get frustrated and retreat. 

They don’t allow themselves to comprehend what we all know – if it were easy, we’d all look and play like DJ. 

Instead, they often retreat to the next “shiny object” that promises, ahem, “guarantees” results at a record pace. Of course they do. They’ve uncovered a “secret” that is going to change lives. 

Can I please break it down for you? 

MOVE every day. 


That’s the model. 

Please don’t make it more complicated than it needs to be. 

On this week’s Live Crew & A call, we’re going to go deep into why those are the most powerful 1-2 punch a golfer has. 

You are reading this email for a reason. 

You CAN absolutely do this. 

Why not you? Why not now? 

Your #1 Fan, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

PS – You don’t want to wait another minute to start changing your golf, fitness, and your life. I’ll make it a no-brainer for you: 

If you haven’t already, start your free 7-day 18STRONG Membership trial. And JUST do the Daily Motion for the next week (it’s already on your calendar). 

Do that for 7-ish minutes each day. And you will get addicted to the results and want more.