💪 3 Myths of Core Training Debunked!

Happy Thursday, aka LIVE CREW & A Coaching Call Day! 

Today, we’re gonna set the record straight. 

If I had a nickel for every time I heard a golfer tell another golfer that, “You need to strengthen your core”, I’d have a few bucks. It’s become the go-to thing to say for those guys who know just enough to be dangerous. 

Kinda like, “Yeah, I know how to load this gun. I saw my uncle do it when I was a kid.” Nothing good happens at the end of that statement.  

I think it all started when everybody decided they wanted abs. So we didn’t feel so vain, we had to justify our ab workouts because “I’m strengthening my core.” 

So, we’re going to dig deeper later today on what golfers need to be doing, but let’s get the ball rolling with the 3 biggest myths of core training: 

  1. Your abdomen makes up your core – Your core consists of a much larger area than most trainers understand. If you had to highlight your core on your body, it would be like wearing a women’s 1-piece swimming suit that ends just below your pecs. 
  1. Crunches are the best way to train your core – Crunches are actually one of the least effective core exercises. They recruit very few of the muscles that make up your core.  
  1. Burns belly fat – Sorry, but unless you have a fat-melting laser, you cannot target specific areas where you want to lose fat. Your body has a preference where it starts to use fat as fuel. For some it is the belly. Your body could also start with your face, butt, arms, legs – really anywhere on your body you have fat. Abs happen in the kitchen. 

For us golfers, training our core is super-important. I’ve heard this rallying cry over and over, “Improve your core. Improve your score.” 

Keeping a stable core allows for a very fluid, consistent swing because your core helps you maintain good stability and control through your entire motion. 

And here’s what we all want to hear: You core is one of the main areas in which we generate the force to hit the ball…you guessed it…farther! 

Alright, I’ve got a few golfers to train this morning. And a Live call to prepare for, so hopefully we’ll see you this afternoon. 

Your #1 Fan, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

PS – If you can’t make the call today, don’t worry. I’ll send you the replay tomorrow. 

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