💪 From 206lbs to 168lbs 

Happy Tuesday, my fellow golfin’ freak. AND you want to live a fit, long life too? Who do you think you are? 

Okay, so I haven’t sent an email since Saturday because it’s been pretty crazy around here as Easter has wrapped up. Out-of-towners returned home. And we’re back in the swing of things. 

Lately, we’ve been talking a lot about nutrition and fat loss. In keeping with that theme, here is the text exchange our co-founder Ryan and I had last Friday… 

Yup, you read that correctly. He broke the 170lb barrier and is on his way to even leaner pastures. 

You may also notice that he texted me at 6:16am on Friday morning. He’s typically not a 6am guy, so I asked him why he was up an hour or so earlier than usual. 

Nope, he wasn’t getting in an early session at the gym. 

Wasn’t going for an early morning jog. 

And wasn’t getting in an early round. 

He was up to get a 6lb beef brisket started on the smoker so it’d be ready for dinner – by the way, I had some and it was delicious (The Big Green Egg is magical). 

I bring it up because Ryan has finally figured out what works for him. And his ability to almost effortlessly drop fat. He puts in the work, but doesn’t really think about it. 

If you told most “experts” that beef brisket is on the fat loss menu, they’d have you committed to local looney bin. “You need to eat vegetables, chicken and rice…until you get to your goal.” 

THEN, you can start to relax a little and eat what you want. 

And that is the worst advice in the world. The truth is that whatever gets you to your goal is what is going to keep you there. Period. 

To be fair, Ryan has been dialing in his nutrition and workouts for years. In the 18STRONG Diet Stack, he is on step #10 out of 10. But he’ll be the first person to tell you that the “Stack” would have saved him years of trial and error and frustration and yelling at the “f-ing scale’ on Friday mornings. 

It’s very much a catch 22 because without the trial an error of our entire Crew (including Ryan), we wouldn’t have had the knowledge to put it together. So, he was kinda screwed:) 

You, on the other hand, have got it at your fingertips. 

Your #1 Fan, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

PS – The 18STRONG Diet Stack is a guide for you to follow 90% of the time. DO NOT try to be perfect! That is a recipe for disaster. 

Ryan crushes beers (liquid calories are so bad) on the weekends. BUT, he makes up for it with extra exercise. And being super-vigilant during the week. 

Figure out what works for you. And join us on the Live Coaching Calls each Thursday when you get stuck – and you will:)