💪 How to stop gym anxiety

It’s Tuesday. And there’s a storm-a-brewing. Both figuratively and literally. 

The snow is on its way to St. Louis. And I need to address an under-served segment of our Crew that I was ignorant to until I read an email. 

I got an email from Mike about the anxiety he feels about visiting the gym. 

Here was Mike’s pattern: 

He’d decide to get into shape. 

He’d buy a gym membership. 

He was intimidated by the free weights. 

So, he’d jump on a machine or two. 

But without knowing what to do, he’d get frustrated and quit. 

Rinse and repeat. 

And I feel guilty that I never realized how many of our Crew feel that same way. I grew up in a giant family that would just tell me, “Toughen up!” 

Which is totally unfair. 

So, I took a step back. And I get it. 

It reminds me of stepping on the tee box with really good golfers. I’m not a great golfer, so it’s intimidating for me.  

Now, each time I do it, it’s gets easier and easier.  

And, if you’re like Mike, walking into the gym will also get easier. Before long, you won’t think twice about it. 

So, how did Mike turn it around? 

Each time he walks into the gym…HE HAS A PLAN! 

And if you’re just getting started, then include each of these five movements. And you’re disco: 






That’s it. 

To keep it fresh, mix up the exercises, reps, sets, rest, etc. 

You’ll have the confidence to walk into any gym. Stand next to any meathead. And do your work. 

It’s all between your ears.  

If you are looking for an exact plan to follow for beginners, then I highly recommend the Golf Body Blueprint – Activate program in the 18STRONG App. 

All you have to do is show up to the gym with your telephone. And be ready to work. 

You’ve got this, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

PS – I’ve been working in the gym for over a decade. And everyone started somewhere. 

I can tell you until I’m blue in the face that people really aren’t judging you – they’re more focused on themselves. But it’s something you’re going to have to get over yourself. 

Having a plan so you know what to do is a great first step to making it happen. 

Here’s your plan: https://www.go18strong.com/app-test-drive