💪 The lazy way to get fit 

Happy Wednesday!  

It’s pretty early, but I already heard a tale too often heard in the gym. Tell me if this sounds familiar. 

A new client of one of the other trainers has a habit of working out for three weeks straight.  

Then, for some unknown reason (to him), he runs out of steam and takes three months off.  
Then he jumps all over himself for being a lazy POS, begins another program, and finds the same situation happening. 
Rinse and repeat.   
You bust you’re a$$ in the beginning, going full throttle. Then you run out of gas, lose momentum, and end up giving up.  
Ever wonder why this happens? 
You might think it’s because you lack will power. 
You might think it’s because you are lazy. 
You might think it’s because you haven’t found the ideal program yet.  
The reality is that you’ve probably bought into the notions that tell you: 
a. to train to failure 
b. to always give 110 percent 
c. to push until you puke 
In my younger years, I followed the same ideas, much to my detriment.  
And whatdyaknow, all these ideas I bought into as a youth, or later on in life…  

I’ve proven that there is a better way. 
But first…. keep the following in mind: 
Training to failure harms your brain and nervous system.  
Second, there’s no such thing as giving 110 percent. Just as there’s no such thing as “massive action.” Remember, no matter how hyped-up you are for massive action, you can only take one step at a time.  
Third, stopping long before you feel fatigue or before you puke will give you much better results than giving it all you’ve got.  
I do nothing extreme in my workouts. I’m not banging my head against the Great Wall, with ideas of training to failure or fatigue, or achieving the unachievable ideal of 110 percent – continues to kick ass.  
I rarely miss a day of training. Every day I am exercising. On most days I exercise multiple times. And I continue to be amazed at the progress I am still making, even when I don’t look as through I’m “trying.” 
I hear so many golfers tell me that that, “it seems too easy 

When they finish, they’re energized and relaxed, almost beyond belief. Mentally, they’re feeling more spiritual.  
There are many reasons this happens. One of the biggest is that you unconsciously give up the caveman, “me give 110 percent” mentality, when you change your mindset.  
When you leave caveman mode behind, you turn off the reptilian part of your brain and nervous system. This means you’re no longer in fight, flight or freeze.  
Once this happens, your central nervous system is working FOR YOU instead of against you. Anger, angst, nervous tension and other gloomy negative emotions evaporate.  
You get results that seem unfathomable.  
And you do this without giving 110 percent. Or 100 percent. Or 75 percent.  
I know this goes against the grain of the caveman mentality and every motivational poster, but I’m telling you, it’s true.  
But don’t take may word for it. You will be stunned at what you personally discover when you implement it.  
Your #1 Fan, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

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