💪 [Video] Shoulder rotation

Every Friday morning, a local radio station (KSHE-95) plays Glen Frey’s “Partytown” to get St. Louis in the mood to rock the weekend.  

It always gets me jacked-up, but today I need no extra boost. I’m still fired up from our Live Coaching Call yesterday. And the knowledge our guest, Chris Finn, dropped on us about speed, power and distance. 

Between the notes I took. The notes Ryan took. And Chris filling in the gaps, we have enough to build out the most bada$$ distance training in the golf fitness world.  

More on that later… 

If you missed it, one of the topics we discussed yesterday were the four key areas of the body that contribute to speed the most. 

One of which was external shoulder rotation – aka your trail shoulder in your downswing. 

Serendipitously (how about that word?), in the video I shot earlier this week, that is exactly one of the areas I cover.  

It’s not enough to just stretch your shoulder to get extra rotation. 

We need to be able to use and control that motion in our golf swing. Which is why the extra step I show you in the video is 100% necessary. 

If more distance is something you’re after…in the words of our co-founder Ryan…”Go watch the friggin’ video.” 

Your #1 Fan, 

Jeff Pelizzaro 

PS – The thing about putting together a distance training is no BS.  

If you’re interested in a fitness training program specifically to increase your distance, add your name to the list here.