18SP 022: Chris Lutes | Junior Golf Superhero

Chris Lutes has been described by his golf performance peers as a “Junior Golf Superhero.”  In this episode, he shares some of his secret powers regarding training kids to love, play, and enjoy the game of golf.

Chris’ philosophy is to teach them to move and have fun first, and let them build their own love for the game as they discover their natural athletic abilities.

Chris Lutes’ Background

  • Grew up playing golf in British Columbia
  • Father was a golfer, started tagging along
  • Golf was a puzzle to him
  • Gave his first lesson at the age of 15
  • Competed on the junior circuit
  • Decided that teaching was the path he wanted to pursue
  • Worked at a small seasonal club for a period of time, then moved to Vancouver
  • Met Matt Palsenburg, director of the Tour Performance Lab
  • Began working with Jason Glass and Matt at the Tour Performance Lab in 2012
  • Created the LABsters program working with kids from age 4-14

Highlights from this episode:

  • Chris describes the structure of their LABsters program and how they break it down for the different age groups
  • How to explain to the parents that youth “golf” training doesn’t necessarily have to be all golf activities
  • As the kids get a little older, its appropriate to start bringing in lessons to teach the rules of the game and start removing some of the non-golf related objects
  • Chris gives some great ideas for games you can play with your kids, or have them play while riding along with you during your round
  • When do we start to specialize with our kids and what’s the right way to do it?
  • Chris stresses the importance of utilizing multiple sports in training the young athlete as well as giving them ample time off from a sport
  • What’s the right amount to push our children when they DO know that they want golf to become their main focus
  • College Scholarships: The most important piece is that there is a discussion with the player and all others involved in the process to figure out the direction and actions that needs to be taken
  • It’s extremely important as a parent to make yourself informed and seek out sources that can prepare you and your child better.
  • Resources for your “Duffle Bag of Fun”
    • Frisbee
    • Soccer Ball
    • Putter/Wedge
    • Almost golf Balls
    • Birdie Balls
  • Chris shares some ideas on how to keep the game fun for ADULT GOLFERS, from the novice to the competitive player
  • Chris shares 2 of his best kids stories including one about a kid named “SUGARBOMB”

What has you excited for 2015?

  • Relaunching the LABsters program
  • Introducing their system in to some of the local schools

Last Piece of Advice:

  • Remember that golf is a game and we play games to have fun

Resources Mentioned

Almost Golf Balls:  www.almostgolf.com

High Performance Golf book (by Henry Brunton):  www.henrybrunton.com/High-Performance-Golf

Stephen Jepson Video:  “Never Leave the Playground”

Where to find Chris:

Twitter: @chrislutesgolf

Twitter:  @TheTourLAB

Facebook:   Tour Performance Lab

Website:  http://www.tourperformancelab.com/

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