274: Improve Endurance, Tips for Muscle Soreness, Pick 2 Exercises, Gambling on the Course & More . . .

In today’s episode I’m joined by Tony Soaib once again to discuss topics related to golf and fitness like the professional athletes crushing balls at top golf, what athletes we would like to see and who is best suited to try both golf and the long drive contest, the compensation between golfers and other athletes, the hubbub about Paul Azinger calling out Tommy Fleetwood for not winning on the PGA tour, our buddy Hayden Buckley and how he did on the Honda Classic, and finally we discuss my Rotex experiment from Dr. Joe Lacaze.

Highlights from this Episode

  • We start off talking about Mike Trout Smashing balls at Top Golf which led into Tony discussing which athletes from other sports would be best suited for both golf and the long drive competition.
  • The mind-blowing comparison between a professional golfers income vs other pro athletes (like Mike Trout) from other sports and where the disconnect is coming from.
  • How Paul Azinger got himself into hot water with comments dissing the EuroTour (Tommy Fleetwood) and whether or not all of the hate is valid or if this is just like other sports talk.
  • Hayden Buckley highs and lows at the Honda Classic and Tony’s Soaib Metrics Challenge for Hayden.
  • My Rotex Experiment which consisted of 2 weeks with NO other training but with the Rotex and my results/thoughts.

Shouts from the Crowd

  • If you could change one rule in golf, what would it be?
  • What’s the best golf shot you’ve ever hit?
  • What’s your favorite game (gambling) to play on the course.
  • What’s the best way to improve my overall endurance?  I am going on a trip to Scotland later this year and will be walking 1 round a day for 6 or 7 days in a row. – Greg
  • Any tips for reducing muscle soreness?  I recently started a new workout program and get pretty sore the day or 2 after my workouts.  I’m afraid this might impact my golf game when spring and summer come around – Mark
  • If you could only pick 2 exercises for a recreational golfer to do in his program during the playing months, what would they be? – Tim

Links & Resources Mentioned:

ROTEX Motion Exercises: The exercises I performed each day were:

  • Inward Hip Rotation
  • Multiplane Squat
  • Outward Shoulder Rotation
  • Full Body Rotation
  • Lat Release

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