278: Trillium Rose | How to Improve Your Golf Swing at Home

This week we continue the live via Facebook route for the podcast talking with Trillium Rose about ways you can improve your golf swing even when you are at home without access to your course or gym.

Trillium is the director of instruction at Woodmont Country Club, a top 50 golf digest and LPGA teacher, 2017 Mid-Atlantic Teacher of the Year and her name is pretty much synonymous with the words “quality practice” and “trusted instruction.”

Highlights from this Episode

  • How the current climate has effected Woodmont and her work and transitioning some of her practice plans and content to Instagram.
  • What she sees as the biggest opportunity that people have the best impact on their game while at home with the new found spare time and what visualization techniques she utilizes with her clients to help them focus on the game.
  • She talks about her mobility class (currently open to the public on her Instagram Live) and ways one can work on mobility with minimal/no equipment to keep their game sharp while at home.
  • Where she thinks the future is going as far as instruction and content creation since the pandemic has locked down usual outlets for training and information.
  • Overhauling your swing vs. overhauling your practice; which is going to help you score better?
  • Trillium answers questions from the audience like what mental game exercises she works on with her students and advice for those of us with a good driving range game but struggles to take it to the golf course.

Parting Questions:

What Netflix show are you binging these days?
Tiger King

What books are you reading? Make it stick by Mark A. McDaniel and Peter C. Brown & Here All Along by Sarah Hurwitz

What has been the hardest part of this social distancing/quarantine for you? The broader socioeconomic issue of those that can’t work or have lost their jobs

What has been the best part of this social distancing/quarantine for you? Getting to see my family and take a beat to figure out what’s important?

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