328: Wes Patterson: Professional Long Drive, An Inside Look

Wes Patterson

This week we have Wes Patterson, world long driver, on the show to talk to us about really everything in the world of Long Drive. Wes is one of the top Long Drivers on the planet. Currently ranked #12 in the world, he came in T5 in 2021 and has been a 4-time finalist in the world long drive championship.

He has some ties back to St. Louis so we got to catch up on some local golf, his recent long drive competitions, how he trains throughout the year, and a new business that he has brewing that’s going to help golfers with financial backers that also has to do with some of the gambling going on in the world of sports and golf.

It was fun to talk to him about the expectation of Bryson going into the long drive competition this year and also the reaction from the current guys that have been doing this for years; is he helping or hurting? I’m really excited for you guys to hear Wes’ opinion and the future for long drive competitors.

Wes Patterson’s Background

  • World Rank – 12th World Long Drive
  • T5 2021 PLDA World Championships
  • 2018 Global Infinity Series Long Drive World Champion
  • 2017 World Long Drive Championship
  • Top 8 Finalist ⁃ Team USA Long Drive 
  • 4 Time World Long Drive World Championship Finalist
  • Raised Million+ Dollars for Charity

Highlights from this Episode

  • What brought him into the world of golf and more specifically the long drive golf realm and how a series of events from not landing a sales job and trying to withdraw from a Monday qualifier led him to where he is now.
  • We talk about Bryson DeChambeau and what Wes’ expectations of him were at first and how his opinion has changed over time. He also talks about other pros on tour now that could come disrupt the long drive game like Bryson did.
  • He talks about what his training regimen looks like and how he has learned and overcome some of his own limitations with his golf swing.
  • His new business (The Press) in helping golfers find financial backing to help ensure that each golfer gets a fair shot at the game and help to bridge the high costs of travel and entry fees.
  • What skills he has transferred from his baseball background to his long drive game and how most long drive players come from a baseball or hockey background. He also talks about pro golfers vs. long drivers in terms of technique.

Parting Questions

Favorite Golf Movie?

Caddy Shack

What is your walk-up song to the first tee-box?

What is love by Haddaway

Favorite Book?

Winning the war in your mind by Craig Groeschel

What’s your dream foursome?

Kevin Kisner, Boo Weekley, Steve Marino at Tequesta Country Club

What’s your bucket list course?

Cyprus Point

What’s the best piece of golf advice and long drive advice you’ve ever received?

Remember, it’s not life or death and you quickly realize who is with you and who is not.

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