336: Nutrition Q&A with Tony Soaib

We are changing it up this week; rather than having an interview with a top golf pro, we are publishing one of our LIVE weekly Q&A sessions with the 18STRONG Crew. These are questions that I’m sure many of you are wondering as well so we brought our buddy Tony Soaib, one of the worlds top Strength/Conditioning and Nutritional coaches. Tony who is a steel trap of information when it comes to fitness, performance and nutrition, In this call, Tony helps us answer questions from the Crew.

Highlights from this Episode

  • What should I be looking for when looking for a protein to supplement me post-workout?
  • I’ve heard most people’s bodies can only process 30-40g of protein in a sitting, so to get to 180-190g a day you’ll need multiple protein-rich meals. Any truth to that?
  • What are your thoughts on using a Magnesium supplement to help with muscle recovery and helping with sleep and any other suggestions on reducing muscle soreness from workouts and activity?
  • My high protein diet has caused some irregularity in my trips to the bathroom, will this have long-term effects on my colon or kidneys?
  • What are the effects of cycling carbs and proteins when it comes to caloric intake?
  • I’m suffering from pain in my upper back, would you suggest icing it and keeping my training going, seeing an osteopath, or resting?
  • Why do workouts change based on your goal (Fat loss = more reps, bulking heavier but fewer reps, etc.)
  • What is Tony’s program for your average golfer that is 10-15 lbs overweight and is looking for more mobility?

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