339: Adam Long: LIV Golf, The Future of the Game, and Setting “Pro Level” Goals

Today I am especially excited to announce that we are bringing the podcast back with an awesome interview with PGA winner Adam Long about the 2021-22 season, the LIV Golf / the PGA Tour situation, and all of the drama that has fallen on the golf universe.

When it comes to LIV, Adam puts it best when he says “it’s the thing that we’re all tired of talking about, but at the same time we can’t stop talking about it.” He shares his thoughts on the ramifications of the situation and what it’s been like to be inside the ropes as a tour player. He discusses what all of this looks like for him and other tour players, as well as ultimately if LIV is something good or bad for golf as a whole. We also talk about what his career has been like the last couple years, what his upcoming goals are, and other exciting news he has coming up including having his second child pretty soon here.

Highlights from this Episode

  • His perspective on the LIV golf vs PGA tour happenings and what he sees for the future of the game moving forward. He talks pros and cons as well as general tension with the game
  • Changes that the PGA tour is making that are for the benefit of tour players like fully exempt members getting $500,000, a stipend for others to cover expenses, and more events.
  • What his game is looking like these days, what he is working on and what his off-season looks like. He also talks about changes he has noticed in his golf game in the last couple of years like a better understanding of his game and the ability to adjust on the fly
  • What he does to internally push himself after the last years on the tour as well as keep a cool head at the tee.

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