355. GFY Ft. Bobby Drummond: The Road to Sobriety, Fitness, and STRONGER Golf

355. GFY Ft. Bobby Drummond: The Road to Sobriety, Fitness, and STRONGER Golf

Guest: Bobby Drummond (18STRONG Crew, 40-Day FORGER)
Host: Jeff Pelizzaro
Episode Number: 355
Podcast: The 18STRONG Podcast
Partners: Linksoul, 1stPhorm


Get ready to be inspired by the story of Bobby Drummond, a golfer who made a remarkable transformation. His journey from struggling with addiction and weight gain to achieving physical and mental health will captivate you. Bobby’s conversion, which led him from an 8 handicap to a 1.2, is a testament to the significant role of a small swing path change, thanks to Ray Farnell, a teaching pro at Whitmore Country Club.

Bobby’s triumphs, however, go beyond the golf course. Prepare to embark on a walk with Bobby as he shares how the tragic loss of a friend and a broken relationship sparked a profound change in him, leading him down a path of sobriety. His transformative journey through the 40-Day FORGE and 75 Hard Program, shedding a whopping 70 pounds in 99 days, has redefined his life both on and off the green. Hear how he discovered the power of a good routine, laser focus, visualization, and a supportive community to succeed in golf and life.

And guess what? Bobby’s transformation isn’t just a physical one. He opens up about how sobriety and a fresh mental approach have turned his golf game around. His favorite golf topics and his dream foursome are bound to pique your interest. So join us, as we journey alongside Bobby through his highs and lows, demonstrating that change is indeed possible when determination meets a supportive community. You don’t want to miss out on Bobby’s story, a testament to the power of personal growth and the impact of a healthy lifestyle on golf performance.

Main Topics

(00:03) Bobby Drummond’s 40-Day Transformation

Bobby Drummond shares his experiences with the 40 Day Forge and 75 Hard Program, discussing similarities and differences, and how it improved his golf and life.

(03:33) Golf Game and Personal Transformation

Bobby’s golf game has improved from 8 to 1.2, aided by Ray Farnell and sobriety, plus childhood experiences and competitive high school play.

(09:42) From Partying to Sobriety

Bobby Drummond’s journey of sobriety, spurred by his ex-girlfriend and a friend’s death, includes walking, sobriety podcasts, and a wellness coach.

(15:38) Journey to Self-Improvement and Lifestyle Changes

Bobby shares his experience of walking miles, changing his diet, and taking on the 75 Hard Challenge, aided by an 80-90% clean diet.

(19:44) Weight Loss Journey and Lifestyle Changes

Bobby overcame drinking habits, lost 70 pounds in 99 days, and found comfort in not drinking with help from an accountability partner.

(29:39) Discussion on Fitness and Partnerships

Bobby shares his transition from 75 Hard to Forge 2, focusing on impactful 40 minutes, Sunday smash sessions, commitment to a healthy lifestyle, and joining EFA Empire.

(36:06) Improving Golf Performance and Personal Growth

Bobby shares his transformation journey, discussing physical exercise, recovery, resistance training, weight training, cold showers, and healthier eating.

(48:20) Impact of Mentality on Golf Game

Bobby shares his experience of mental breakdowns, the importance of routine, laser focus, visualization, 80-second moments, and recognizing the next shot.

(56:50) Favorite Golf Memories and Recommendations

Bobby shares his transition from 75 Hard Challenge to Forge 2, his appreciation for Dave Matthews, his favorite book, his bucket list course, and how physical exercise and recovery have impacted his golf game.

(01:07:19) Finding Community and Belonging

Bobby Drummond shares his journey of finding belonging through community, Forge 2 program, and golf topics such as his walk-up song and dream foursome.

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0:00:04 – Jeff Pelizzaro
The 18STRONG Podcast, episode Number 355 GFY with Bobby Drummond. Hey guys, welcome back to the 18STRONG Podcast, where we’re here to help you build a stronger game, because we believe everyone deserves to play better, longer. This episode is a groundbreaking one. This is our first ever GFY Go Forge Yourself episode with my good friend, bobby Drummond. The Go Forge Yourself episodes are basically going to be us talking to people in the 18STRONG community that have been through the 40-Day forge, our plan and program that is geared towards helping you improve and get stronger physically, mentally, both on the golf course and off the golf course, and so in this episode, we’re sitting down with Bobby, who has an amazing story that started several years ago His transformation from weight loss to stopping drinking to playing better golf. Everything that he’s done over the last several years has been incredible, and you’re going to hear more about that in this episode. Bobby’s one of my good friends, but he’s also one of the better golfers that I play with on a regular basis, and so you’re going to get an insight into what the experience was like, not just of the 40-Day forge, but Bobby also did the 75 hard program the similarities and the differences in mindset that occurred throughout both of those challenges and through both of those programs, and hopefully you’re going to get a glimpse into what the 40-Day forge has done, not just to for Bobby, but for other individuals in the 18STRONG community. So we’re going to be doing a lot more of these episodes over the course of the next year and hopefully we’re going to continue to build out how many people are going through the forge and making huge differences and changes in their lives, not just on the golf course, but really in every aspect of their life. I think it’s really easy to have the experts and the professional golfers on our podcast and listen to their stories, but feel like that’s a little out of touch for all of us normal people living regular lives, raising families, going to work every single day. So I think that these episodes are really going to be very cool to see that transformation and hopefully help you realize that you’re strong enough to do whatever it is you’re looking to do, whatever goal you are choosing to set. That this is hopefully just some sort of inspiration to help you make that decision and make that commitment, and we’ll get into that right after this.

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0:03:20 – Bobby Drummond
up man. Welcome to the 18strong podcast. Thanks, man.

0:03:23 – Jeff Pelizzaro
So this is cool. This is going to be our very first ever GFY episode Go forward yourself episode talking about the 40-Day forge. So we’ll get into all of that. But first of all we’re just kind of bantering about your golf game. Sound like you had a pretty good round. How’s the game right?

0:03:38 – Bobby Drummond
now. So it’s funny it went. It’s gone in waves this entire season, from like a winter of simulator golf, which was just hammering as hard as you could into the screen and see how far you could hit us, to getting out on the course Remembering what it was like to hit off the grass, shooting like two rounds in the 90s, to getting the game better, mental game better. Shot two rounds under par this year, couple even round, even rounds out there as well and, yeah, it’s good. Right now it goes in waves, as the golf game does.

0:04:13 – Jeff Pelizzaro
Absolutely so. For those of you listening watching Bobby and I, we get a chance to play some golf together. Bobby was part of our mandatory golf Friday and is definitely one of the higher caliber golfers in that crew, I’d say. So, over the last couple of years. What’s the what’s kind of the handicap been like? I mean, have you? So? What is your handicap? These, days.

0:04:32 – Bobby Drummond
So I know exactly. It’s a 1.2 right now. All right, 1.2.

0:04:37 – Jeff Pelizzaro
So over the last few years have you been like, steadily declining. What’s the game in?

0:04:41 – Bobby Drummond
like a last couple of years. Yeah, so I. I was about in 2020 and this may be something else you want to talk about but whenever I stopped drinking back in 2020.

0:04:49 – Jeff Pelizzaro
Oh, we’re talking about that for sure.

0:04:51 – Bobby Drummond
I figured we might. But in 2020 is when I really thought, okay, now that I have a clear mind, I can probably start focusing on some other stuff that I really do love like, like golf, and I was probably about an eight handicap or so, okay, and it got it down joined Whitmore country club whenever the Piedadema kick because there was nothing else to do. So I decided to spend my money on that new clubs, I got fitted for clubs and stuff like that and I just started working on my game. I got one lesson with one of the teaching pros at Whitmore Shout out to Ray Farnell, who’s awesome and changed like one tiny thing and that changed my game, like at that point.

But then over the last couple of years it’s really been my swing probably hasn’t changed at all, but I focused on getting stronger in the mental games. It’s been the biggest thing and honestly, this year, nothing except for the mental game, really kind of a couple of tiny, tiny things here and there, like, honestly, the tiniest little change in grip, like where’s my, where’s my left thumb at, how strong is my grip, how weak is my grip, and that’s been the biggest, biggest change. And then just my attitude on the course.

0:06:00 – Jeff Pelizzaro
What did so? I’m sure people want to know what. What did you and Ray? What was the one little thing that you and Ray worked on?

0:06:06 – Bobby Drummond
Sure, so, as Ray would say, it was my swing path, cause he’s got, I can’t do a good accent for for Ray and his Australian ways.

But that was it. I was taking the club a little bit too far inside in what felt like me taking the club straight back, felt like I was taking it super far out. That was the main change that we made and other than that, just feeling like athletic over the ball. I played all sorts of sports growing up big ones, theme, basketball, baseball, and then most I still play a lot of volleyball. So just want to feel athletic whenever I’m doing anything, not feeling robotic or mechanical and outside of the swing path and just a couple like little cues here and there. Those have been my the biggest things that I’ve changed.

0:06:54 – Jeff Pelizzaro
Did you? Did you grow up playing golf? What was your like?

0:06:58 – Bobby Drummond
childhood golf experience like Sure. I was playing golf at like 10 years old and my grandma actually was the one who I played a lot of golf with. And not to discredit my dad, cause I played a ton of golf with my dad too. I was actually a member at hidden valley, whenever hidden valley.

0:07:13 – Jeff Pelizzaro
Yeah, did you ever also ski slopes here Also?

0:07:16 – Bobby Drummond
now only ski slopes, no more golf there, but that was the helliest course ever. I did a lot of my playing out there. Ian didn’t Florida Whenever I say that like I live there, but every time we went on vacation there I would play with my grandma and grow up watching Tiger Woods. So I think everyone who’s around my age I got into golf probably because of Tiger. They weren’t getting into it because of Phil, let’s be honest, right, even though Phil was great there for a while. But that’s how I got into it, started playing a bunch and grandma always said like she wouldn’t play with me if I threw my clubs, cause I’ve always ran a little bit on the higher side, which a lot of people have seen, just cause I’m competitive and I protect my own. But yeah, so that’s kind of how I got my start into. It was playing golf in early age with my grandma. I just trying to. I mean, I played so much out of hidden valley I almost never practiced. I feel like playing is my practice.

0:08:15 – Jeff Pelizzaro
Yeah, did you play competitively or just for fun?

0:08:19 – Bobby Drummond
when you’re a kid. Two, so two years in high school freshman year, sophomore year, at CBC I played golf on those teams. Junior year I literally had the shanks and I could not hit a ball to save my life. You still didn’t try out. So I decided not to try out that year and that’s actually when I found volleyball Okay, and that’s the only reason why I got into volleyball, cause I had the shanks. And I still played a junior and senior year, but just for more for sport than anything else. And into college I played with my buddies, but it was more drinking and party and then, yeah, so it was cool, but for the most part it was just for the, for the fun, right.

0:08:59 – Jeff Pelizzaro
Okay, so speaking of the drinking, the partying, so one of the reasons I wanted to have you on and really excited for you to be the first episode here is because I know I know a lot of your backstory. I don’t know all of it, so he will dig into as much as you want to share it, sure, and you know the forge and just your whole transformation, so give me a little glimpse into. Obviously this can be an episode kind of about your transformation, so kind of tell as much of the back story as you want to, yeah, and then maybe what was the catalyst of really making you kind of flip the switch and, and you know, make some of these huge, huge changes, right?

0:09:35 – Bobby Drummond
So there’s I could. There are so many short versions, a long versions of this, so I’ll try to keep it kind of medium In between.

But I mean, I came from like just one school, Mizzou, and was like a party. You was always just something like it seemed like you did whenever you went to, especially at school, like Mizzou, it’s just, it’s a fun time. And after I graduated I just kind of continued to do the party and having the fun. And I graduated I lived in Seward, which is like its own little island of a, of a tramp Honestly Right If you don’t have discipline like me up until recently but then lived downtown and just always around all the action, always around all of the fun. So I wanted to just continue to just throw myself into those fun situations and I prioritize a lot of that over what should have been a lot more important to me. So I was a little bit of blinded by that. I actually come from a family of somatics and so I didn’t really think about any of that.

I thought I was okay, because I had a good job and I did throughout that entire process, but it just got to a point where it was really bad. I didn’t really see it. I was almost too close to see it where it was. I mean drinking at lunches and I’ll be completely transparent like drinking and driving on the way home from work each day. And I got to a point where it was I mean, it wasn’t just a drinking, there were some drugs and stuff like that too. But I didn’t even see myself go from someone who was in shape and I worked really hard against my metabolism and got up to about 260-270 somewhere around there and I didn’t even really notice it. But I always said, hey, I want to do this, I want to make this change. But the compound effect of just doing the same thing day in and day out drinking and smoking, pot, stuff like that, eating like shit all just led to a point where I was really unhappy with myself, and in which case I also found myself in a pretty like unhappy relationship. No ill will or anything like that as far as that goes, but I just was too close to see that I needed to make some changes and then I’d all came to a head when me and my ex we decided we were going to break up. We still were living together and we were trying to figure out how to transition out of that.

The two nights later, on a Monday night, actually got just loaded and drove home. Should not have. Ironically, the last place that I ever had a drink was Bobby’s place in Valley Park, and I don’t remember driving home, was in and out, was going. I just remember seeing the flash of me going over 100 miles per hour on the way home. So not cool, right? Obviously something that should not do. I could have hurt myself, I could have heard someone else, I could have ended up in jail and next morning ex kicked me out and said, hey, you got to leave. I left and that day I knew that I needed to stop drinking for good.

I had been told that multiple times by some people before, but it wasn’t until that, just like with any addict, it doesn’t matter what someone says to you, you have to want it, and in that moment I knew that I had to make that change.

So that was on a Tuesday morning, june 23rd, when I got kicked out of there in 2020. That afternoon, my co-worker’s son, I found out, was pronounced brain dead Over the weekend. I did not know this, but her son was hit by a drunk driver and on Tuesday afternoon she had to pull the plug on her son and then fast forward to Thursday. Thursday night, one of my best friends, cory, actually was killed in a drunk driving accident. So from I knew I needed to stop to seeing someone affected by it, and I knew I needed to make a change then to what happened with my buddy Cory. I knew that I was making the right decision to stop and I don’t know if those things wouldn’t have happened if I still would have stayed strong and not drank, but that’s when I knew I had to stop and that’s when I started my process of.

That’s when I started also my wellness journey, really, and Kelly Baker or Kelly Bugger now she actually so I trained with her there for a while and I’m going through a lot of this, but I saw coast that she put up about walking like 10,000 steps a day and this was a couple days after everything had happened with my buddy and I was just like I need to start walking and I so much of the weight that I gained was all information and just stuff that I just needed to just go walk, totally right.

So I started doing that every single day, sort of listening to a sobriety podcast called sobercast and there’s just literally recorded AA meetings. I never did any sort of formal like AA or anything like that, because it was COVID, there was no readings to attend, except for virtual ones, and I was not that I couldn’t do the virtual, but it just wasn’t as intimate and I didn’t feel like it would make a big impact on me. So I would listen to this podcast that was just recorded AA meetings from anywhere from like the 50s to today and I would find myself listening to these, going on these long walks, like literally in tears, like hearing other people tell these stories, where I felt that exact same way and I engrossed myself into not only walking and doing that, but then that’s when I started my first round of 75 hard back in 2020.

0:15:38 – Jeff Pelizzaro
So, yeah, a lot of stuff happened in order for me to get there so that that first week you know and I didn’t know the story about the those two, your from your buddy, corey, and your co-worker son. I mean, man, how crazy. So you? You start this journey, you’re you’re starting, you’re walking, you’re starting to listen to these things. What are you telling yourself at this time, when you’re, you know, when you’re on these walks, when you’re not listening to these podcasts, you know what are some of the things go at your head? And then I want you to even go into the 75 part, because that’s that’s for the people that have listened to the episode about the forge 75 hard had a big impact on us creating the force, the way that it is created and and you know it was obviously a big catalyst for you and and how you kind of continue to go forward, yeah, so, uh, as far as I like thoughts going through my head and stuff like that, I don’t know, I just I couldn’t sleep.

0:16:36 – Bobby Drummond
So I and it wasn’t so much like I didn’t have any weird like withdrawals, where a lot of times when people come out of like if they’re drinking a lot of stuff like that, a lot of times they have some issues and actually need to. They need medicine. Fortunately and unfortunately, it was mostly beer that I drank, so it wasn’t like I was drinking a fifth of vodka day, but, trust me, I drank more than enough beers for everyone in this gym right now. It for a week’s time probably. But a lot of what was going through my head was just, I couldn’t sleep. I’d wake up at 330 in the morning. I would go on these long walks anywhere from two miles to 10 miles just would walk until I just felt like I didn’t want to walk anymore, cause it was the middle of the pandemic, I had no work to come back to, and whenever I, whenever I left, whenever I left my ex’s place, I stayed with my parents, so I didn’t really want to go back home. There’s shame in that, obviously.

But there’s not at the end of the day, like I treasure that time that I had with them. But it’s not like a good feeling as a 30 year old to go back and feel like you’re stuck, especially for someone who was doing doing great in their job. But I but obviously had some other issues. And then from like how I I guess I started walking cause I saw Kelly’s post and really wanted to get into just taking better care of myself. I knew I had some weight to lose and that’s when I already knew about 75 hard because I would. I would tell my ex I said, hey, I think I want to do this challenge and she would say, yeah, there’s no way that you can do that. You’ll never be able to stop drinking. So kind of like that that Andy for sell out crabs in the bucket theory like, oh no, you don’t need to do that Cause you’re. You’ll never stop. And that’s not her fault, that’s me.

But one of the things that I decided was okay, I can do this now I’m sober, I’ve that’s the hardest thing that was on that list before was the no alcohol for 75 days, and now I’m planning on making this a lifestyle change forever. So the next hardest thing on there was follow a diet plan. I’m like I don’t know what the hell that means. Follow a diet plan? I’m like, was that me? No carbs Like what am I? Just a rabbit for 75 days?

So I I hired Kelly as by like a nutrition coach and went through a whole assessment and actually I don’t even know where those pictures. I had to get those pictures, but at that point I was already 35 pounds down. Just from walking, I lost a pound a day and not drinking, and that’s right. Yes, that’s a big part of it. I was still eating like Jimmy Johns and stuff, though I tell you I hadn’t had the diet arc figured out yet, but went to her, got that assessment, figured out what that looked like to follow a diet plan and make some good like lifestyle changes. And I even read your, your, what are you? What do you call those?

like a daily newsletter your emails that you sent out this morning talking about like an 80 to 90% clean diet. That was today’s buzzer.

0:19:37 – Jeff Pelizzaro
Was that yesterday Okay?

0:19:39 – Bobby Drummond
Yep, I read that this morning and I’ve been. That’s been a really big guideline for me since. But with 75 card, the all the water following the diet plan, the the two workouts a day, those were walks. I, I couldn’t do anything else. I was too fat to run, so I walked and I never. That was the first time when I really understood, like that you have to walk before you run. And I’m like, oh, this makes sense, cause I literally can, literally had to walk. Yeah, and over the course of I actually did 75 hard for 99 days and the reason I did is because we started a separate bet with a group of buddies and I so did 75 hard for 99 days and in those 99 days I lost 70 pounds. Wow, but yeah, that was my journey, man Just reading, and I had not picked up a book since Harry Potter in high school and I know I mean that’s a such a.

There’s so much knowledge out there with different books, podcasts and all that. So jumping into some different books that are helping better me, along with the exercise, along with eating better and just building a routine, I mean Andy Forsella changed my life forever. Yeah, and me and him don’t always agree, I don’t know a lot of the things that he talks about, but as he can be a polarizing guy, but like I don’t like fully credit him, cause at the end of the day I did it. But if it wasn’t for that program, I don’t know if I would have found everything that I found in my journey so far.

0:21:10 – Jeff Pelizzaro
How, how difficult did you find it through those 99 days probably more so even at the very beginning not drinking and even the struggle of figuring out and I know you had Kelly to help guide you, which I think is a huge, is a huge thing to have somebody that, if you don’t know where you are, what, where to start or what to do, like, find somebody that knows, find somebody that can help you Right, how difficult was it for you to make those adjustments? Let’s maybe first go with the alcohol piece. Sure, because it’s, it’s great to say like, okay, I’m going to stop drinking. And then you know you go a month and then you go two months and like, is that something that kind of kept coming back to you? Or is it something where you know you were like nope done and I’m done for good?

0:21:55 – Bobby Drummond
So big believer in people made changes either out of inspiration or desperation and I was desperate. I think if I was just inspired to make a change, I can’t say that it would have stuck. But I know what I like. I saw what I did, the compound effect of it, and I was able to like be self-aware in that moment to say, look at what you did, look at where your body looks, look at how you feel, look at the way you’ve been acting. And then I was able to look at as far as just I guess, from the alcohol standpoint, I knew what it had done to other people just recently, so I think it was one of those. It just like a switch flipped and I was just like, okay, I’m done. It also helped that it was the middle of the pandemic where there wasn’t that pressure to like go to the happy hours and stuff like that, cause I didn’t live on the St Charles side where COVID didn’t happen.

I lived on the side of Lake of the Ozarks, where it did happen and everything was closed down so there were no opportunities to go do stuff like that, which I think helped as well. But as far as like, just for anyone who’s especially. I have so many friends since then cause I shared my story very publicly out there on Facebook for people to follow throughout the process and I had a lot of people reach out to me saying that they were interested in stopping asking me about my story and I’d found a comfortability with, like I could go to the most crowded crazy bar right now and I’d have no problem just going up and ordering a clip soda with a lime and hanging out. They had a fun.

That’s probably not gonna be my first choice of what I do, but I would be okay. But for a lot of people out there who are wondering, hey, how am I going to do this? I think I mean first thing you gotta do is find like an accountability partner on that. You know almost declare, hey, I’m gonna do this, even if it’s for 30 days or for a week or if someone wants to make a lifestyle change. It can be hard, but I never thought I would stop drinking. It’s wild to me that I’m three and a half years sober wild but yeah, that’s amazing.

0:23:59 – Jeff Pelizzaro
And then, what about the food set? Because you know, the food, the food piece, and these are two pieces that are in the Forge IIs, right, this is talking to anybody that hasn’t been through any kind of a program where you have to stick to this for a long period of time, whether that’s drinking, the diet piece but the food thing is one of those where you know it’s not gonna cause harm to other people. It’s, you know, like. So there’s a different mentality there, right, sometimes and I think I speak for most people listening, I know I speak for myself sometimes you’re just like that’s it, man, I want that piece of cake or those chips or whatever. And so I would imagine it would be fairly easy to rationalize that, hey, I gave up drinking, I can have this. Yeah, did you go through a lot of that, dude?

0:24:47 – Bobby Drummond
yes, I literally ate like half of a bed in Jerry’s pipe last night. That’s. My biggest problem is the sweets. So it’s really easy to then revert from something like alcohol to like, honestly, to any sort of sweet, because it still gives you a little bit of that like little domain or whatever it is.

Yeah, for sure it’s exciting. Who doesn’t live chomping into half-baked bed in Jerry’s? I know I do. But so on the diet piece I really like, once I understood what like following a diet plan looks like and what to look for whenever I was shopping. And Kelly was an awesome accountability buddy for me where when I was grocery shopping, I would send her pictures of like the nutritional facts on there and just be like, is this okay? And she’ll be like, yeah for sure. And I was like, okay, good, but she gave me a really good outline of some things that would be good and some ways to kind of curb some of those cravings that I had.

And then finding some substitutes for someone who does love sweets to substitute for like higher percentage dark chocolate or instead drink like a drink, a protein smoothie or a fruit smoothie, and find some joy in some of those like other foods that are still really good and taste great. They’re just never going to be banjiris. So that was. That was probably the biggest thing for me was just understanding what that looks like, because I think a lot of people’s heads go straight to a diet is going to be something miserable, where you’re gonna be starving all the time, where the way that she set it up for me with the goals that I had was like it was. I still had breakfast, lunch and dinner and I had like little snacks that I could have in between, whether those were almonds or a piece of fruit or something like that, to kind of curb some of those cravings throughout the day without feeling like you had to just completely stop eating.

0:26:37 – Jeff Pelizzaro
Right when you could kind of actually like live a lifestyle around the food, not some depravity kind of diet where you’re cutting everything out like no cooking, no carbs, eating lettuce.

0:26:48 – Bobby Drummond
Right, yeah, didn’t have to do anything like that. I still got to enjoy a lot of really good foods.

0:26:53 – Jeff Pelizzaro
So then, when was it that you did the forge? Because I know that and really, really that’s how we kind of connect, I mean separately you work with Kelly, I work with Kelly. But we didn’t really know each other, we didn’t really interact. At that point we kind of had set it a little or whatever. But it wasn’t until, I believe, that you reached out or we connected and you said hey, I’m thinking about doing the forge.

0:27:18 – Bobby Drummond
Yeah, so that would have been, I guess, december of 2022.

Right right before the Ford start in January, and I was so in the mid.

I was actually in the middle of doing the whole bit part program, all the different phases of 75 hard and I just was thinking, okay, I want something else.

I knew this year I wanted to, like, I wanted to have a lot of focus on golf and even though I’m not playing to make any money except for some side bets, I just I’m Uber competitive and I want to be as good as I possibly can be. So I figured, with a good routine around, a group like community of some golfers would be a cool group of people to hang around with. Plus, like golf is one of those, even though, where you think you can play it, as you get older and older, I still see people that can’t go play golf, can’t swing a golf club, and even though I was in good shape, I thought my thought process was I want some another challenge. I’m very motivated by having like a finish line out there. I was, I think a lot of other people are too but then also just wanted to be in feel as part of a community with something which was definitely captured with what you have going on with the forge.

0:28:35 – Jeff Pelizzaro
I want to take just a second to thank our new partner, which I’m really excited to announce is 1st Phorm. 1st Phorm is a company that is here in St Louis, based in St Louis. It’s a nutritional company that is doing incredible things in the world of nutrition and one of the reasons that we decided to partner with 1st Phorm is obviously we’re very impressed with their dedication to their products and the quality of their products. But really it’s the dedication to them and them helping their customers get real results Aside from just the products. We got a chance to go and actually visit the facility again here in St Louis and really walk the halls of the corporate offices. But we got to see the manufacturing plan or the warehouse. And it’s not just a place where they’re packaging supplements and shipping them out. It’s a culture, it’s a community and you can see that amongst the employees. You can see that their culture and their core values that are not just pieces of art on their wall. They’re actually letting them there and they’re helping to expand those into the community and really that’s why we partner with 1st Phorm. Obviously, their products are incredible. Otherwise we wouldn’t suggest them either. We use them on a regular basis, so you’re going to be hearing a lot more about their products and what they can do for your fitness, what they can do for your golf game, the protein powders, the multivitamins, the protein sticks, the hydration packets all of those products we’re going to highlight in future episodes. But we just wanted to really celebrate our new partnership with 1st Phorm. You can go to their website, 1stPhorm.com forward slash 18STRONG and we’re going to be doing a giveaway every single month with anybody that buys through that link. So go to 1stPhorm.com that’s P-H-O-R-M.com forward slash 18STRONG. That’ll take you directly to their website and you can check their whole suite of products. It’s including some of their fitness apparel and anything that’s purchased over there. You’re going to be enrolled into our list for our giveaway.

A lot of people going into the Forge would balk at the drinking and the diet stuff, or those are kind of conceptually the biggest, hardest pieces for a lot of them. You had already tackled those to some degree. Obviously. The drinking, for you know, completely Right. The diet, you know we can all go in waves with that. What were some of the biggest and different challenges for you with the Forge as opposed to the last year and a half of what you already got, sure, so there’s some similarities in there, but also some big differences.

0:31:08 – Bobby Drummond
That a lot of times with the water, I wasn’t always good with drinking that right when I woke up. So 24 ounces, right, Is it 24 ounces? Right off the bat I had found myself drinking like 34 just because I had a bottle that was that big. So I found myself chugging that first thing in the morning. And the EFDs I’m assuming I can cuss on this.

0:31:27 – Jeff Pelizzaro

0:31:28 – Bobby Drummond
See, every fucking days. I literally did those this morning. I still do those all the time. That was just another routine to get into the swing of things. But the one thing with 75 hard versus the Forge two is you have just your one IPA right, your intentional physical activity. So where the two workouts was 75 hard, Sometimes I felt like, okay, I can just do recovery day, I can go, I can go walk twice, and there’s times where a walk like makes sense for recovery, especially if you went hard the day before.

But I think it really allowed me to want to do something that was going to be more impactful, a more impactful 40 minutes of my day, rather than just going for a 40 minute walk where I could. I mean we did our Sunday smash sessions here and then, other than that, did some other, some other good lifts and and whatnot to some other workouts. But those were, those were a couple of the biggest things there. And then I mean having anything revolving around golf with the right handed and the left handed swings love doing those. So it was one of those things where I wouldn’t say it’d be. I’d feel like kind of a jerk if I said it was easy for me, but to an extent I had done so much of that already and I was coming off of like the last phase of I think I was coming off of phase one, so it just became a good part of a routine.

Especially at the beginning of the year. It’s really easy to just say I mean, that’s when a lot of people want to make their changes but they’re not making them for 40-Days. Right, they might be doing it for a couple of weeks. And diets not always the cleanest. So I think I still think that no drinking and the diet’s got to be the hardest thing for anybody, anybody coming into this where, like you said, the drinking is easy. For me the diet’s not easy. I just told you I had to have a pint of Ben and Jerry’s last night what?

I have for dinner. Now, I can’t remember what I had for dinner last night. I was focused on the Ben and Jerry’s. But oh, we had tacos. Yeah, and those were delicious. And yeah, not a taco bowl, it was straight up. We had the, we had the flour tortillas and all, but yeah and that comes and goes in waves, and that’s a.

I think that’s a big thing that I learned this year, where I just recently like I just joined EFA Empire here what it was like three weeks ago, maybe two weeks ago and up until that, this entire summer has been me, from the time I finished phase three of the live hard program that was June 5th, to just a couple of weeks ago, dude I all I did was play golf, that was it so I guess in cardio and stuff like that. But I was into volleyball a little bit here and there, but I wasn’t lifting and I realized how big of an impact that made on my body. So I just everything with life in general comes in seasons, right, like you’re going to have, you’re going to have a moment, you’re going to have down moments. You just got to try and find that balance. If you ever feel like you’re out of sorts, go back to what you need and that’s where the forge is so perfect for that. Or getting committed to something for a set amount of time and see it all the way through.

0:34:33 – Jeff Pelizzaro
What really brings out to me is it seems like every time you’ve finished something 75 hard or one of the levels, you’ve kind of thrown yourself right back into something. Yeah, I’m assuming that’s by design. Have you has there been a stretch of time where you weren’t doing some sort of program, like the forge or one of the levels of 75 hard or something where you’re in the mix of moving towards a specific time?

0:35:02 – Bobby Drummond
Yeah, it was just this past summer here, right, it was from June to just a couple of weeks ago, and I let myself go. I mean, I got the pictures of. I started taking pictures again every single day to see what I look like. And, oh, you know, what I didn’t even talk about was the cold showers I’ll get. We can talk about that one for sure.

But I love those now, but either way, so that’s that was it like really up until this past June, when I got done with the live hard program, I was like, okay, I can, I’ve heard it, like I’m just gonna do whatever I want for a little while. And, dude, I let myself go a little bit and I talked to Shelby, my fiance, about it too, and she knows how like important it is for me to like continue to move my body and stay in and stay in shape, and that’s why joining here again has completely changed my mindset, where it’s literally on my calendar getting back into our routine and making sure that I’m doing this stuff that helps me not only feel better physically, but lifting weights and stuff like that, it helps me mentally as well.

0:36:06 – Jeff Pelizzaro
What? What differences did you notice just specifically in your golf game? Maybe the both, the way your body feels and everything too. But over the course of this summer, when you weren’t doing this stuff, you weren’t, you weren’t getting in the gym, you weren’t doing probably the EFDs quite as much, you weren’t doing a lot of the physical stuff aside from going and playing golf and going to a lot of cool places. What did that? What did you notice?

0:36:30 – Bobby Drummond
So I felt like I did not recover quickly. So whenever I would go play, even though I’m relatively young, my lower back and my shoulder they were brutal. My right shoulder still does hurt a little bit. I know we were talking about that a little bit, but I’ve been doing a lot of different exercises for that now, with some resistance, band training and some some weight training as well. But going off of something like that and trying to still go do the physical stuff, you’re leaving yourself more susceptible to get injured.

Your recovery is not going to be as good Like whenever you go, especially as guys, whenever we go. Lift weights or take cold showers, eat healthier and naturally boosts strength, boosting testosterone levels, without having to feel like you need to start doing steroids. Right, definitely like do the natural things that are going to help you get there and getting getting back into this, as I mean it’s always a huge help. So I mean shoot anyone who’s stuck and not feeling their best there and it’s likely because they’re just not moving their body enough. It’s. They don’t need to take a pill, they don’t need to take more ad bill. They I mean maybe some ad fillary now and then, but probably just need to get back to lifting some weights and doing the stuff that makes you feel good.

0:37:44 – Jeff Pelizzaro
Tell me about the cold showers Okay.

0:37:47 – Bobby Drummond
Love cold showers. Now Literally took one this morning, so that was part of. Obviously that’s part of the forge I started those originally. Whenever part of phase one is a five minute cold shower, okay.

0:38:02 – Jeff Pelizzaro
It’s five minutes, yes, and during the winter it’s totally different. Cold during the summer and St Louis in the wintertime is very different.

0:38:12 – Bobby Drummond
So taking those cold showers at first it was one of those things that, like, I dreaded and it was the thing that I was least excited about, but I would do it first thing in the morning, but now it’s become part of my. Every time I take a shower I’ll have, I’ll use hot water for all my normal stuff and then I’ll finish with at least two minutes of a cold shower. Now, but especially whenever you’re doing the forge, if you’re starting on January 2nd and the cold weather here in St Louis, those pipes are cold. And if you’re, if you’re truly doing a cold shower and you crank that to the lowest setting that it can be on without that shower being off, it’s pretty cold shower.

0:38:52 – Jeff Pelizzaro
Yeah, and I found that you know so many people are doing the cold plunges these days, which is, from a physiological standpoint and from what I understand, is more beneficial, sex wise. But there’s something about the cold shower because it’s constantly moving water, hitting some parts of your body and you got to turn around. It’s like every move you make is almost like I don’t really want to do this, but it was so for me, like just the mentality and the confidence of like doing that and overcoming those little challenges. I forget what Andrew Huberman called it. I think he calls it like getting over the wall, like there’s something to be said for the physiological response of the cold shower, but there’s also something about the different walls that you, that you hurdle over, that you don’t want to climb over during that piece, and that’s that’s the thing that I really, really notice with cold showers.

I want to talk about your, just your mentality, speaking of confidence and everything. Now, looking back three and a half years ago, where you were, where you are now, I mean, what does it feel like to know that you’ve accomplished what you’ve accomplished? Like when you look at a picture of yourself back then and you think the things you were doing, how you looked, how you felt, like what did? First of all, do you appreciate how much you’ve you’ve changed and how much you’ve done, and just speak to that a little bit for sure?

0:40:16 – Bobby Drummond
So the first thing that I think of it is I’m barely scratching the surface and I’m never satisfied, which is bad, because I have gotten a lot better with practicing gratitude and being appreciative. So I mean, there’s even more that we haven’t talked about. With the forge, with the meditation, visualization, visualization, stuff like that. I’ve been really big on that. So every once in a while, I’ll find myself just like scrolling back through my Instagram to see these pictures of me like holding these cases of beer, like I literally have. I still have a video of me on Instagram chugging a bottle of fireball, and I’m not. I won’t take it down, we’ll have to pull it up, but I think I do appreciate how far I’ve come.

I mean, it’s the reason I was able to meet Shelby and my now my now fiance and I. We would have never been able to work, I would have never been fit for a relationship if it wasn’t for me being where I’m at now. So I am very appreciative of that. It’s also allowed me to build my relationship back with my family, which it’s not that I didn’t have one, but I didn’t prioritize seeing them where I like I should. I called my dad in the middle of the day today just just to catch up with him and see how he’s doing, which I never would have done. So I have I have a lot of my priority. I believe I have a lot of my priorities pretty straight and it’s allowed me to build back those relationships with family and with friends, make new friends. I was best. One of the things I was worried about with not drinking was am I going to be fun anymore?

And it turns out I’m still a huge weirdo and I still I can still excel in some social situations where I didn’t know if I was going to be able to. So, yeah, I guess from a I can look back and recognize how far I’ve come, I mean whether it’s golf game or just what I’ve been able to accomplish just from a. From a personal standpoint, I do feel great about that. But, like I said, things come and go in seasons and the one thing that I know is a constant is my my no drinking. So the book, the one thing have you read that? So the one thing such that by doing it, will make everything else easier or unnecessary for me. My one thing not drinking, different for everyone, but that is something that I will hold true to for forever.

And I’ve had people ask me hey, do you think you’d ever like have a glass of wine or something like that? I’m like I don’t know if I want to find out what that looks like, but all I know is like I’m enjoying myself more than I ever have. I would hate I used to used to hate being by myself because I was kind of alone with my thoughts, and now I really do treasure that time where, even though I am extroverted and in these moments people probably be like, oh my gosh, that guy’s got to be the life of the party, he’s got to have so much fun. I love the time to myself, like wind down at the end of the night, just put my phone on, do not disturb, talk to no one, and I’m very comfortable now with with myself.

0:43:13 – Jeff Pelizzaro
Is that something that was, there was a challenge for you?

0:43:16 – Bobby Drummond
Yeah, for sure. I just I always just sought out like the next thing, rather than just being present, be where my feet are. And I think that was a big part of the problem too, was there were some insecurities there. That why I drank a lot and did a lot of things that I did was because I just wasn’t comfortable with who I was.

0:43:37 – Jeff Pelizzaro
What, if any, goals do you have, kind of even just moving through, let’s say, the wintertime, the all season or just kind of in general, with with the whole trajectory that you had? You know, you said you’re you’re barely scratching the surface which I just read, a book by Dr Benjamin Hardy. Okay, actually, having read this book, yet I read the other book that he was talking about on the podcast. He was on Ed, my lead show, he was on our buddy Sean Stevenson show recently, and the book is called the gap in the game. Okay, have you, have you heard of this? I feel like I have heard of it.

So it’s just fascinating to me because it reframe the way that I ever really thought about, you know, setting goals, looking goals, how we kind of grade ourselves on our goals, and it talks about the most of us look at the gap from between where we are to the ideal person that we want to be.

So, like at the beginning of the of the forge, we tell people like you know, where do you want to be at the end of your 40-Days? Right, what does that look like? Who’s the person that you want to become, the whole identity thing? Well, the problem with being in the gap is that you’re always looking from the standpoint of where you are. And so, even on the 40th day and I want to ask you about, you know, your 70 or your 99th day and your 40th day, when you get there and I do this myself typically we will say, okay, cool, I’m here, but I want to be there and instead of like celebrating, like the game is what it is, you know, looking back and saying, holy shit, look where I was, look where I was three and a half years ago. But I want to be there and like not not taking that time to just be like shit, man, I did some cool ass stuff, yeah that’s a tough thing because there’s there’s student from West people can go with that.

0:45:22 – Bobby Drummond
they either are, they’re never satisfied right, or it’s the add. My lead back to add the thermostat theory of okay, I got here, I got the, I got the thermostat set up to 80 degrees, I got this thing cooking right now, but like 72 is where I’m comfortable, right. So I feel like I’ve gone the other direction where I like if there’s a challenge in place it’s like one, I guess, when you’re typing then I’m good. But once something ends and once I have something set up to start, I feel like I am one who tends to fall back into some of the bad habits. So for me, I wish I had that problem, except Shelby might not want me to have that as much because she’s like hey, like you don’t need to be working out like eight hours a day but and it’s obviously not that much, but it can feel like that whenever I’m here, gone for two like two hour workouts a day. But no, I think you had. I mean, that’s a. That’s not something that I really thought about.

Where my next journey is going to be, I think for me biggest thing is developing the better habits, getting back into the gym here consistently, like your your email set today like 80 to 90%, like if you’re at 80 to 90% of your diet on a weekly basis and you’re doing the lifting, you’re moving your body, you’re doing the stretching and taking care of yourself, I think that I mean I’ll get where I want to go If I build that consistency where my problem before was I work out hard for two months and then, or three months even, and the next thing I know it was like, okay, I gave myself like a three week break and I lost so much of what I worked so hard to get back to. So biggest goal for me is just developing that consistency and with a goal of like where I want to go being I want to be stronger, how obviously well it doesn’t hurt to look at me or and be like sup, you look good today.

Especially looks great after a cold shower too. And then and then I mean golf game like a shoot man. I had two rounds under par this year, two rounds, one over two rounds at even par, and my goal next year is to shoot 10 plus rounds under par, and I know that I can do that from a mental standpoint. There’s a lot that goes into that, not only on the course but off the course, but from there it’s. It’s what am I doing to make sure that I can play a full 18 holes and my body can be there through all of it in my mental game, can be there through it all too? Plus, I also get a wedding to look awesome, for yeah, that’s right. Not that my shirt will be coming off at the wedding as far as we know, but yeah, yeah, don’t drink that, don’t drink that wine.

No, I think it’ll be good on that, and I don’t need any grape juice to make it feel like I’m cooler.

0:48:03 – Jeff Pelizzaro
You like that, but yeah so what would you say was the effect on your? You know you talked about how, how shooting under par is going to be a ticket to your goal of 10 rounds, or whatever that is, for next year. That that’s a big mental mental game, part right. So how do you feel like your journey has really impacted mentally the way that you approached the game golf? I was there one day when you were about to shoot your lowest round ever and it’s all a little bit of a mental breakdown?

0:48:33 – Bobby Drummond
I’m glad to wonder. With three years?

0:48:36 – Jeff Pelizzaro
ago, 203 to go, and I went a couple of bad decisions and even get went par bogey, double bogey, yeah. So shoot one out. I think so. Yeah, I think so. But nice, let’s wipe that one out of it. But that’s not maybe stronger. Honestly, what you know, what have you noticed when you know you’re obviously thinking clear, you’re not drinking, you’re eating better, but even just the tasks that you’ve complete, the things you’ve done, how has that impacted the way you’ve approached the game of golf, the way that you approach mentally out there, right, if it does it does.

0:49:06 – Bobby Drummond
I mean, if you feel better, that always helps. I remember going out and playing, playing golf, whenever I was hungover or like not completely hydrated, didn’t have a routine before. So I think routine to me is everything, and I know one of the one of the rapid fire questions kind of goes into this, but I’ll speak to it a little bit now. But like, having a like like your free throw right, like a basketball player is going to have the same free throw, like, I guess, approach every single time they go do it If they. I remember Rip Hamilton. They want to. It was one of my favorite players and he would dribble twice in front of them, once to the side and then went up and shot us free. There’s players that throw it Like I think Yannis goes behind his back and does something weird twice, I can’t remember, but everyone has their thing now in basketball outside of a free throw. You don’t have time to do that in golf. Like if you I saw some sort of statistic on this that if you break down golf in like the moment that you’re actually hitting a ball, it comes out to like 80 seconds. Yeah, like there’s 80 seconds of moments that happen in an 18 whole round of golf. That is going to impact your entire round. So it’s all about the approach into it and the thoughts afterwards. So I think just from a from a sobriety standpoint like that makes I’m very clear, like just going into the day.

Obviously I was listening to a, or actually was watching this YouTube video earlier with Shane Lowry and he’s talking about. I mean, shane Lowry looks like a guy that is just drinking pints. Yes, like left and right, like all day. He talks about how whenever he’s in a tournament he doesn’t have a single beer, has a single drink. He’s laser focused in on on that week and I think the clarity is one piece of it. But then feeling good, doing the stretches, knowing that you’re you’re getting your body warmed up in the right way, and then from there, like you still don’t know what’s going to happen in a round of golf, you can still mess up. I mean, shoot for for the 73 that I shot yesterday. Over the weekend I shot an 85, right, like it’s, there’s there’s a give and take to the game, so you can only do so much and then from there you just got to let the golf gods you know it from there.

0:51:06 – Jeff Pelizzaro
Has it played into how you react to those things? You said you know you can run a little hot. Yeah, that was that.

0:51:11 – Bobby Drummond
get pissed Still kind of can still get pissed. But that’s a big part of it too is recognizing that then the only thing that matters is the next shot. It’s not the next hole, and a big part of what I’ve done is given myself. I’ll say it myself Like first round that I shot under par this year. I kept on giving myself permission to go low. Part of that is like the visualization of like and I can talk about that a little bit too but just like almost manifesting that that was going to happen and telling myself that I am a great golfer and I have the capability. I’m going to shoot under par this year. And I was doing that and I told my buddies you can ask a lot of my buddies I told them I’m going to shoot under par this year.

Up until then, my best friend ever was too over par. Yeah, I’d never even shot even or one over at that point. And I just kept on giving myself permission to go low, permission to make birdies, permission to hit great shots and my only focus during the round of golf was is that specific shot Not? Oh gosh, I got the next one, you get birdie, get next par five it’s. I need to recover here.

I need to get up and down from the sand or I just need to hit this sand shot somewhere on the grade to get me a chance and almost, like, almost playing the game of uh, like, where’s my miss? Like, no, I can’t short, I can’t short side myself over there, or else I’m leaving myself with almost an impossible shape If I’m going to miss. I got to miss right where I can play and I spun up there. Um, so there’s so much that goes into it and I’m not, like, the best golfer in the world, but, um, I I feel like I’m trending that direction. Where I have, I I’m very capable of playing some excellent rounds of golf, which will be, which can be a lot of fun.

0:52:51 – Jeff Pelizzaro
Well, what I think is really cool about you know, being able to bring you on in some of the future episodes we do is, you know, like you’re a guy that has a job, you’re a guy that is doing what most of the people listening to this podcast you’re trying to go from an eight down to a one right, or from a 15 to a nine or whatever. Whatever your level of golf you’re at, you’ve been able to do that and it’s it’s been through a lot of hard work, it’s been through a lot of dedication. Um, what would you say has been like the the biggest gratifying piece, golf wise, from this whole journey. Obviously, getting down to a one is cool, but yeah, you know, is there anything else other than any other piece that you would say is?

0:53:31 – Bobby Drummond
it’s kind of like the quite a little crown like from, just like a like a result, same point. Like what was the moment? Yeah, and my first friend under par was the coolest thing ever. Man, I uh I was playing out of sand valley at uh mammoth dunes and the day before um me and the injured played, uh, aaron Hills. Oh yeah, and I shot a 92. Uh, we played from the tips there, which is stupid.

0:53:53 – Jeff Pelizzaro
He’s 7,800 yards.

0:53:55 – Bobby Drummond
Like Brooks Kepke, like the fact that he shot one like 18, 17 under at the US open there back in 17 is stupid that, um, but I saw I shoot a 92 the day before and going out to play the next morning morning on mammoth dunes and had a caddy that day. Um and uh, it was actually a caddy that we had had before because we we made two trips to sand valley this year. We made one in April and then one in July, so we can go play the Lido whenever that opened. And um, playing out of mammoth dunes I had uh shoot, I’m sure I know that I was playing great Like all throughout the entire day. I got to 300 with three holes to go and I kept on telling myself give myself permission to go low. Um, one of the things that Trent and chat up to Trent and Jensen, um, he’s actually not even on Instagram.

0:54:43 – Jeff Pelizzaro
So if he, if he gets to see this.

0:54:45 – Bobby Drummond
I’ll have the same to him. But he kept on saying throughout the round he’s like PMA, positive mental attitude. He’s like you get next shot, baby, be a goldfish. And um, I just took that to heart and just was so laser focused on what I was doing 300, three holes to go, um, I got to 300 by eagling uh, 15, uh out there at me with dunes, and then I went bogey, bogey and I’m in.

I hit my, uh, my drive on 18 into the, the fairway bunker on the right there with super high left. I have to hit a pitching wedge out of it and I still have like two, 30 in the wind. I hit a three wood over the green, um, which there was a bunker right behind it. So I have to get up and down now to shoot under par. For my first round ever, I hit a shot to five feet and I have like a probably like a four inch slider left to right and bust in there for one under par and that was to me beating the course, was I mean, and that course beat me up that day, like there’s no doubt? But, um, I outplayed the course that day and I think under shooting under par to me was has always been such a big deal because it means that I beat the course, that I set out to go play Um, and that was probably the most satisfying moment.

I mean I’ve had a few other great moments throughout the year, uh, throughout the year of playing, but that was the biggest. I mean it was I broke the seal right, it was um or it’s finally happened. Now it can happen again. Um, and then since then, um, two rounds, even par, another round, one under par, and uh, I mean shoot like a 73 yesterday, meadowbrook. I’ll take that all day, all day. So, uh, from there now, my next part of the journey is now I need to shoot a couple under par cause. Uh. The next step is 60s, right, get around in the 60s. So um, 69 or better is the next. Uh is the next target for like man with dunes was the.

0:56:38 – Jeff Pelizzaro
The four minute miles broke that yes, so I allowed you to you know 10 and start breaking it down.

0:56:42 – Bobby Drummond
And now my thought is like I need to go out and beat as many courses as I can. Yeah, so I love that All right man.

0:56:48 – Jeff Pelizzaro
We’re going to finish up with our traditional questions. Sweet On the 18STRONG podcast Looks like you’re coming in hot and prepared.

0:56:53 – Bobby Drummond
I have. I have a couple of them that I wanted to make sure I had written down, so I didn’t forget.

0:56:57 – Jeff Pelizzaro
All right. So first and foremost, Candy Shack or happy Gilmore, yeah.

0:57:01 – Bobby Drummond
So uh, it’s a toss up, but I think I got to go happy Go why it’s a classic. I just watched her recently too, so I feel like I’m a little recency bias.

0:57:09 – Jeff Pelizzaro
I haven’t seen it in a little while. I think it’s about time for me to introduce my son, sam, to to.

0:57:13 – Bobby Drummond
Candy Shack, heck, yeah, well, he’ll love the cool scene. Yes, he will. That’s a good one.

0:57:18 – Jeff Pelizzaro
Oh, bob gone, Get something from the kitchen. Yeah, there you go. Probably a good call, all right, walk-up song. What’s your walk-up song to the first? He’s so I’m a huge Dave Matthews fan, that’s right. Yes, tell him how big of a Dave Matthews fan.

0:57:31 – Bobby Drummond
Hi, so it well. What’s funny is there’s people who are much bigger fans than me, just based on shows they’ve seen. But I’ve seen 81 Dave Matthews shows now, so travel all over to go see him and they’re one of my favorites. And you know, it was hard for me to pick a walk-up song because I love so much different kind of music and a lot of people think that that’s the Only band I listen to. But I would have you go warehouse by Dave Matthews.

0:57:55 – Jeff Pelizzaro
All right, yeah, is there a book that you’ve read that has meant a lot to you, or something that you’ve given to people as gifts, or something that you’d love to?

0:58:02 – Bobby Drummond
recommend. Yep. So I, every person who joins my sales team, actually gets the book a relentless solution focus, so written by dr Jason Selk. He’s actually well yeah, the same Lewis, do you know?

0:58:13 – Jeff Pelizzaro
I’m that. I know that want to get him on the show, yeah so well I can make an intro.

0:58:19 – Bobby Drummond
Him and Ellen Reed yeah, I have that Ellen on the show. Okay, sweet I. So they. They tell a lot of the same story, right, but they have different I mean different versions of it. And I’ve read that book now all the way through, probably four or five times, and Every person on my team gets that book and the whole premise of that book is it’s kind of similar to.

It’s similar to the one thing where you find stuff like okay, what’s the one thing that I can do? So set by doing it will make everything else easier unnecessary but relentless solution focus is a lot more looking at like what Jason calls the mental chalkboard. So you have the problem side and the solution side, and a lot of times people will try to do one thing to make something better and it doesn’t work and they never go back to the problem side, knowing that they’re still an issue. So it’s all about being relentless in your pursuit, to continue to ask yourself what’s one thing that I can do to make this better, no matter what the situation is personal, professional, mental, emotional, physical, no matter what it might be and the whole premise of the book is that you’re a happier person and I was supposed to be ratifier, so maybe I shouldn’t do that. I’m into this detail, yeah, but the whole premise of the book is that there’s the nasty six negative emotions, which are fear, anger, stress, anxiety and depression. And oh wait, that’s five. Fear, stress, anxiety kills, depression and something else. Well, we’ll figure it out later. But those different types of feelings cause your brain to release cortisol, which is that fear-inducing chemical that causes you to profound poorly, behave irrationally where people that are solution focus, and that will actually release dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine.

So to me that’s okay. Like, instead of just saying I don’t notice something, or Just giving up or complaining about something, instead, if you’re trying to move yourself forward and find solutions to a given problem, you’re going to be a happier person as as you look for those solutions that happen. So big thing for me, especially on a on a team that sells insurance. We, if I have happier people working for me, I believe that happier people are going to sell more insurance, which is always good. But I also just that book. It completely changed my life and it’s a big part of why I Really do feel like I was able to shoot under par this year’s because a lot of the visualization and the mental workouts that Jason silk has throughout there. So I would absolutely 100% recommend anyone read that book. What was an immediate, relentless solution focus? Yeah, I’m saying, louis guy. Yeah, all right.

1:01:00 – Jeff Pelizzaro
Who would be your dream for some. Yes, you got to pick anybody, any time, any place. You know who are the people you’re taking. So these are all goats.

1:01:09 – Bobby Drummond
Okay, the way just so you know, tiger, yeah, obviously, yeah, they go play with tiger, even though he’s got one leg. The goat Michael Jordan because again we’re that guy has got to be just an absolute trip. And then my, my personal, I mean, I don’t even know if they Matthews golfs, but I wanted to that golf part with me, right? So, and he’s that, he’s the go to music. Same for me.

1:01:30 – Jeff Pelizzaro
Can you imagine Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods and their banter and nothing on the golf course?

1:01:35 – Bobby Drummond
He’s that’d be amazing. That would be an I’d love to be a part of that. That was a hard one to come up with, because there’s I feel like there’s so many people that I would love to play with, but I feel like that would be my dream for some, for sure.

1:01:46 – Jeff Pelizzaro
All right, bucket list course, if we could seal up to the 18STRONG jet we’re taking you anywhere. I feel like there’s a lot of people that say Augusta and St Andrews, god damn it. And so I’m gonna. I’m gonna make this rule now, yeah, okay. Here on out it’s like it will a fortune RST LNE. You can’t take you. We already give you the okay, okay. So I’m throwing you a little curveball. Yeah, but you know, but if you have a real reason why you know, yeah.

1:02:10 – Bobby Drummond
Well, you know, what’s funny is I literally put those are the only two down, plus I got some the old course. So I’m like, I’m, I’m Scottish, so and I, my family, we trace our family heritage back there. So I, that’s definitely a huge one. But if I had to pick, so because I, I don’t know, it feels like I mean, you can’t get everywhere, obviously like you want to go somewhere where no one else, yeah, can play, which is why Augusta is obviously such a huge draw. But if we were to go somewhere right now, I’d say, and it’s gonna be somewhere, I haven’t played right. Yes, I’m supposed to play there this next year, but I’d say let’s go to be in the dens, yeah.

1:02:49 – Jeff Pelizzaro
I haven’t been there yet, but I mean, everything says that’s, that’s where you gotta go, yeah or like a, maybe like a Cyprus, I don’t know.

1:02:56 – Bobby Drummond
see, now is see if I would have had a little bit more time. That’s right, I’ll have to let you know later where?

1:03:00 – Jeff Pelizzaro
so if all the places you played, where would you say I want to go there again today?

1:03:05 – Bobby Drummond
San Valley. Yeah, san Valley was super special not, and it was special before I shot one under par that course there, but it’s such a cool. Like you, your stay, you stay on resort there. I’m sure Bandon’s pretty similar to this as a lot of resort golf courses to you, but the people there were incredible the caddies, the food, the experience. You walk every single round of golf and you’re playing golf the way who’s meant to be played, which is walk 18 holes right.

1:03:33 – Jeff Pelizzaro
All right, I think you alluded to this earlier. Yep, best piece of golf advice that you’ve ever been given.

1:03:38 – Bobby Drummond
Yep so I did create your own like kind of free throw routine. If you’re anyone who’s ever played with me, if they might start paying attention to it now. But I do the same thing before every single shot. Same different club twirls, same way I line up my shot. My footwork is the exact same thing. I have the same kind of approach every single thing that I do. My kind of like the hitch in my giddy-up is what I do to get comfortable over a wall and I have a lot of it too. Between creating a free throw routine a lot of it is like then just the trigger and go. So Once you have like a good routine that’s consistent, don’t stray from that. Even if you have a bug flying your ball, something messes you up, don’t feel like you have to rush back into that shot. Create the whole routine over all the way through. But you might have different routines for Driver, to irons, to bunker, to putter, but be consistent in whatever that is. You’ll find yourself be more comfortable over your golf ball.

1:04:33 – Jeff Pelizzaro
It’s great you guys are in. Is there one social media? Is there an account on social media? Is there an account on social media that you think the 18STRONG career should follow somebody? It doesn’t have to be golf, I’m not give insurance, could just be somebody cool mindset or anything, all right.

1:04:50 – Bobby Drummond
So I had two for this, but I’ll start with one because he’s saying Lewis guy, the part train, oh yeah, yeah, the Evans, an awesome, follow the end. I actually want a putter from them. This past year I don’t know if I told you that, no, I want a meridian putter from them on there. And then we went back and forth and we’re talking a little bit after I told my address was a st Louis one and then I actually Play golf with one of his like high school buddies not too long ago with Corey, okay. And so the part train is great.

I’ve listened to a lot of their podcasts, a lot around the mental game and I think so many of my buddies that I go play with. And Actually, back to Jason Selkin, a lot with solution focus. He talks so much about the way you talk to yourself like you’ll start to believe that. So if you tell yourself that you suck on the course, if you tell yourself You’re terrible, that you’re gonna hook this drive, that you’re gonna slice it, whatever it might be, like yours manifesting it, yeah, you, if you say it enough, you’ll end up believing yourself. So I think the part train talks a lot about that. Yeah, awesome, you had another one. No, laying up. Those guys are just awesome. They’re they’re YouTube chain. I love their YouTube channel. They create a lot of really good content, but those are both great. Great follows, awesome.

1:06:07 – Jeff Pelizzaro
Well, brother, I can’t thank you enough for coming on. One last question would be so anybody that is is out there Looking to make changes and this is about the forging, not about the forge Somebody that’s maybe on the fence of doing something like that Sure, what would you say to them If they’re kind of toiling, you know, I think indecision is one of the biggest things that we have that regarding making commitment, not making or making a change, and I’m not making change what would you say to that person? It’s kind of on the fence or they’re thinking about doing something like the forge.

1:06:35 – Bobby Drummond
Yeah, I just a full band-aid off and do it. A lot of times people, I’ve talked to a guy here recently that is like me, I’m just prepared myself to go do 75 hard and I’m like, just do it, what are you waiting for? But I get it because I hired a nutrition coach and sometimes you got to get yourself right mentally. But Not only you have to make the decision. If you don’t want to do it, then you’re never gonna do it. So you have to really know that you want it and then from there you have to employ some like your support system on that. So whether that’s a spouse, a significant other, a friend that you’re doing that with every single day, if you don’t have someone that’s kind of there by your side, through it it’s gonna be.

It’s gonna be tough and that’s where, like, the forge serves that purpose. And there’s a community of people right here in St Louis that we’re getting together on Sundays and sharing posts about it on on the forge community page on Facebook. So you just got to find your community and that’s where I know I mentioned it before and it it seems kind of silly because I know a lot of people, but I mean what the 18STRONG community has done for me is helped me so much this year, where I’ve gotten to meet so many cool people yourself included, obviously and it just kind of gives you a sense of belonging. And if you don’t have something like that right now, just dude, they need to come up here and and meet you first and foremost, and then do a mandatory golf Friday or start the forge and talk with someone about it. Awesome, all right man.

1:08:06 – Jeff Pelizzaro
Thank you enough for sharing your story and everything, and we’ll be seeing each other on the links for sure. Awesome Cool. Thanks for listening to the 18STRONG podcast. Don’t forget to go follow us over on Instagram at 18STRONG and if you found this episode helpful and want to help us spread the 18STRONG mission, we’d really appreciate if you shared with your friends. Train hard, practice smart and play better golf.