145: Become a better ball striker with Adam Young

I’m super excited to bring Adam Young back on the show this week.  Adam has taught golf all over the world, has a best-selling book The Practice Manual: The Ultimate Guide for Golfers, and now has created an online training course to help golfers all over the world become better ball strikers in The Strike Plan.

In this interview, Adam helps us understand some of the basic, yet often misunderstood, priorities when it comes to hitting the ball better and more consistently.  He also shares some of the strategies that they have been implementing with students to practice much more effectively.

About Adam Young

Highlights from this Episode with Adam Young:

  • Adam shares a new model of coaching that they have been using very successfully revolving around group practice sessions.
  • The group dynamic allows for more focus on strategy and structured practice vs the typical technique-based individual sessions
  • Adam explains the “2 glasses” analogy to convey the lessons of increasing your amount of potential and reaching your current potential
  • We discuss some of the concepts  in his new program The Strike Plan including:
    • Face Strike
    • Low point
    • The gear effect
  • We also dig deeper into the 2 factors that Adam says are the most important when it comes to ball striking:
    • where you strike the face of the club
    • where and how deep you strike the ground
  • We talk about the driver and how you can possibly add 20-40 yards simply by hitting the ball in a different spot on the face of the club
  • And finally, we discuss why the pros hit the ball so differently than most of us and why what we are doing to mimic them is completely wrong!!

Where to Find Adam:

Website: AdamYoungGolf.com

The Strike Plan: The Strike Plan

the strike plan
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