At Home With Hammies

Shiny, new, in-shape hamstrings may not turn a lot of heads at the beach, but they’ll help turn your swing into a happy one.

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Like the forgotten bag of ice from the grocery store, your hamstrings are extremely important to your swing, but often ignored or, in a lot of cases, completely overlooked.

If you’re unable to maintain your posture because of weak “hammies”, you’ll eventually deal with one of the following:

  1. Shortened swing
  2. Early hip extension
  3. Injury

In the video above, Jeff  is going to demonstrate 5 exercises anybody can do at home without any or expensive equipment:

  1. Bridge
  2. Bridge on bench/chair
  3. Bridge on foam roller
  4. Bridge on ball
  5. Hamstring curl on ball

Now, as with all exercises done with minimal equipment, the amount of effort and tension you put into each rep is going to determine the amount of benefit you get out of it.