18SP 011: Austin Panter | Chiropractics for High Performance Golf

Austin is an exceptionally intelligent and talented young chiropractor that is making waves in the golf world.  And he’s doing it from the Midwest, which is even more impressive.

In this episode, Austin and I have the chance to talk about the important duties that he has as a chiro with very high level golfers as well as the everyday patient.

His philosophy of “wellness care” extends much beyond just the typical stereotype of “popping and cracking” the spine.   We also discuss the importance that this approach has for high level performance.

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Austin’s Background

  • Chiropractor withWinchester Spine and Sport, Moscow Mills (St. Louis, MO)
  • Born and raised in St. Louis
  • Played football at Michigan University
  • Mentored by Dr. Brett Winchester
  • Working with top level amateur and professional golfers



  • Austin explains what can be expected in a chiropractic visit, specifically at their facility.
  • Basically, they are able to add motion to joints to make a golfer feel better and move better.
  • The medical model is changing and becoming a much more prevalent “team approach” in the best interest of the patient
  • Chiropractic is not just limited to the back and neck, their approach is “wellness care” for the body
  • Austin explains what “Functional Medicine” is and how it is really making a difference with their clients.
  • How stress relates to both your health and your game.  And how you can manage it.
  • What does a chiropractor actually do with their golf pros at the course.
  • “neurological warmups”
  • We talk about warming up both for the golf game as well as your workouts
  • How can simply visualizing increase the activation of your muscles prior to your round?
  • Why are all of these current tour players hurting their backs?
  • The “Big Brother/Little Brother” analogy of back pain
  • The biggest impairment he sees are
    • lack of thorax mobility
    • lack of front leg hip rotation

Austin’s Golf game:

Virtually nonexistent these days since he is a recent dad.


What does Austin Struggle with in his fitness program

Staying on track and committed at times.


Austin’s Definition of 18STRONG:

Being mentally and physically committed to being the best you can be out on the course.


Last Piece of advice:

Stay committed to each shot, your workouts, etc.



Links from this episode:

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Where to find Austin

Winchester Spine and Sport:  http://winspineandsport.com/

Twitter: @chiro_panter

Facebook:  Austin Panter

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