18SP 040: Ben Shear | Why You DON’T Need More Speed in Your Swing

What does it take to make your workouts and golf game 18STRONG? Join us as Ben Shear shares his expertise in the world of Strength & Conditioning, Biomechanics, and Nutrition for golfers.  Ben gives us an in inside look at some of the concerns he has with the most recent “need for speed” mentality of the average golfer and why this is most likely not the most important piece you should be working on.

Ben Shear is one of the biggest names in the world of Golf Fitness.  He works with many tour players including Luke Donald, Webb Simpson, Russell Henley, and Jason Day.  He also runs 3 elite training facilities, hosts the Golfer’s Edge Radio show on PGA Tour Radio, and is a consistent contributor to Golf Digest Magazine.

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Ben Shear’s Background

  • Ben ShearOriginally owned Athletic Edge in Scotch Plains, NJ, working with Athletes of all types
  • Began working with golfers and started traveling on tour
  • Ben now works with many of the top golfers in the world
  • Host of “The Golfer’s Edge Radio Show” on PGA Tour Radio
  • Opened Golf & Body NYC, an elite indoor Golf Club in Manhattan
  • You can find a full bio on Ben here at BenShearGolf.com

Highlights from this Episode

  • Ben describes his experience at the PGA show 2015, where he noticed a massive trend toward speed training in the presentations of many of the teaching pros.
  • Ben explains why gaining more speed in your swing, while sexy, may be detrimental to your game if your not ready for it.
  • We discuss some of the common physical issues that golfers have which may be exacerbated by trying to swing faster.
  • Ben also explains the effect of “triangulation.” Basically, the farther you hit it, the farther your misses go.  So, if you’re in the rough hitting a ball 250; if you all of a sudden hit that ball 300, you’re in the trees.
  • We talk about flexibility/mobility and stability training.  How effective is stretching, really?
  • Ben stresses the importance if finding your own swing and making the improvements that fit you and your body.

What is Ben Excited about in his career?

  • Ben is making some big changes to his business model at the Athletic Edge.  It sounds like a fitness trainers dream, where the clients are “required” to participate in the whole program, from nutrition to soft tissue to training.  Listen to the episode for his full plan.

Where to Find Ben Shear:


Golfer’s Edge Radio Show

Twitter: @Ben_Shear

Facebook: Ben Shear Golf Facebook

Other Links Mentioned

Golf & Body NYC

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