Better Shoulder Turn For Golfers

If you’ve ever tried to move something really heavy like a dresser, sofa or Mack truck for you professional strongmen, you’ll immediately notice it is much easier to pull an object versus pushing it.

Rotating your shoulders in your backswing is no different.

Click the video below and you’ll be shocked at how one simple piece of advice will change your backswing…

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About two weeks ago, Jeff was working with a new client in his gym who was struggling with his backswing.

As he was swinging, Jeff noticed his biggest problem – he wasn’t completely turning his shoulders.

Together, they did ONE little thing that had two immediate effects:

  1. Increased his clubhead speed by 10mph
  2. Got his shoulder turning to 90 degrees

What was that one little thing?

Instead of pushing his front arm across his body, he started pulling from behind his back shoulder blade.

That’s it.

Just focusing your mind on the pull vs the push is all you need to do to dramatically increase your clubhead speed and shoulder turn.