211: Is your training slowing your swing speed? | Chris Finn

Chris Finn owns and operates Par4Success, an incredible golf, and fitness business with 2 locations in North Carolina.  In today’s episode, Chris shares with us the results from an ongoing study he has been conducting with his clients over the past few years.  Chris has been documenting the assessments and training programs of his clients (from juniors to tour pro’s) to determine the effects that they had on specific golf parameters. Whether you are a regular golfer or fitness professional, you’re definitely going to take away from valuable info from his research.

The Par 4 Success study has really started to break out the normative values for clubhead speed for demographics other than just tour pros, which is what we have had on rely in past years.  This information is just the beginning stages, but as the data grows, it could be extremely helpful in determining how you should be training for your or your clients’ demographic, or maybe even more importantly, how you should NOT be training based on your golf and fitness goals.

Chris Finn’s Background

  • Chris Finn is a Licensed Physical Therapist, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Titleist Performance Institute Certified Medical Professional, Certified Precision Nutrition Coach, and trained to perform Trigger Point Dry Needling in North Carolina.
  • He has grown Par4Success, which he started as a 100% Golf Fitness, Performance and Physical Therapy Center, to multiple locations where his team works with golfers of all abilities and ages to swing faster, play better and hurt less.
  • Personally, Chris continues to work with Touring Professionals, elite level juniors & amateurs while also consulting with other Fitness & Medical Professionals about starting and/or growing their own businesses and directing the in-house golf performance research done at Par4Success.
  • Chris is honored to be a two time World Golf Fitness Summit Presenter and has contributed to numerous media outlets including Titleist Performance Institute, Junior Golf Magazine and GolfWRX, is published in peer-reviewed Sports Health Journal, and enjoys continually challenging the status quo to improve outcomes for all active individuals.

Highlights from this Episode 

  • Chris Finn talks about his presentation at the World Golf Fitness Summit and the data and research he has been doing on training clubhead speed.
  • He gives us the layman’s version of how he has used different tests to measure the movement of his golfers and what he discovered with his research on the power and speed of the golf swing of different age groups and both the amateur and professional golfers.
  • What training for clubhead speed looks like and how we can use the data that Chris and his team have collected to see what the average speed for your demographic of golfer.
  • Triphasic training vs. normal training: What triphasic training is and the difference that can make in clubhead speed compared to your usual strength training routine.
  • His podcast project “The Difference of 13”, which is not only focused on his work at his facility but helping other practitioners and opening a new conversation to the healthcare system.
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Research Data

To access Chris’ free resource with all of the data from his research CLICK HERE

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