Golf Tips are Worthless | Chuck Quinton | Rotary Swing [#219]

This week, we are talking with one of the original pioneers of the online golf instruction world, Chuck Quinton.  Chuck originally started out in 2004 selling small golf instruction DVD’s and has now turned his website,, into one of the premier online golf instruction websites in the world.

Over the course of the last 14 years, he has built a community of 350,000 students that utilize the platform of RotarySwing. I met Chuck back in 2008 and through our recent guest, Ed Mylett on episode 216, Chuck and I reconnected to get him on the show and introduce you to the Rotary Swing Community.

In this episode we talk about Chuck’s fascination with what the body, joints, and muscles are doing in a golf swing, the way individuals learn using our brain and body’s physiology, why you should follow a certain sequence when learning a new movement pattern or a new part of the golf swing, how Chuck came back from a major injury and how that affected him as a teacher, and why he believes “golf tips are worthless.”

Chuck Quinton’s Background

  • Chuck Quinton is the founder of the Rotary Swing and the former Teaching Professional at Castle Pines Golf Club in Colorado. He also founded the Rotary Swing Golf Academy at the Ritz Carlton Golf Club in Orlando, FL where he teaches during the winter months.
  • He is the author of “The Rotary Swing” golf instruction book that has sold thousands of copies worldwide as well as the instructional DVD series, “Swing Plane Made Simple” and “Short Game Made Simple”, and most recently the “Rotary Swing Tour Certification Manual”.
  • His instructional website, RotarySwing.comis one of the largest golf instruction sites on the internet today with thousands of visitors per day and is host to over 300 instructional videos that Quinton has created, as well as over 150 articles he has written.
  • He has been featured as a guest on ESPN Sports Radio numerous times, as well as numerous local radio shows around the country.
  • He has helped thousands of students of all abilities, including players on the PGA Tour, Tour, European PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, Futures Tour, Hooters Tour, Gateway Tour, and numerous other mini-tours.
  • He credits his thousands of hours of tireless research, continuing instruction, and hard work that his site and the Rotary Swing has come about.

Highlights from this Episode 

  • The history behind Chuck Quinton’s love for golf and the conception of RotarySwing through frustration at the lack of accessible and useful golf instruction that was standardized and systematic at the time, as well as how he started making the initial DVD’s that led to his subscription-based stream-able video content in real time.
  • His sports injury from 2011 that led him with a broken neck and how that led him through an arduous recovery that revolutionized his coaching and an appreciation for his golf students.
  • He breaks down his panel of medical professionals that joined up with him to not only research what the ideal golf swing looks like, but also how the body is designed to both safely and powerfully swing a golf club and the most common preventable injury that he and his panel see.
  • We talk on the learning process and differentiate kinesthetic learning vs. intellectual learning in terms of the benefits of one over the other in terms of focus when learning a new move, position, or golf swing.
  • The RST Roadshow: What made him decide to travel around the nation giving out free golf lessons and filming them to show what his coaching can do for you average joe golfer. He also talks about the link to find out more about his free lesson program.
Parting Questions for Chuck Quinton

Caddy Shack or Happy Gilmore?  Caddy Shack

What would your walk-up song to the first teebox be?  “Hero” by The Foo Fighters

18 Holes anywhere in the world with anyone, past or present: Where would it be and whom would you play?   Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters at Diamante in Cabo

Any last piece of advice for the 18Strong Community?   The one thing that every single golfer needs to do right now is take out “golf tip” from your vocabulary.

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