172: What Are You Committed To?

Today, I am taking a beat to reflect on the past year of 18Strong; both where we have been and where we are going come 2018. We had a lot of amazing guests on from PGA Professionals to leaders of the fitness industry to former NFL Players. We launched our Online Training Program and our Apparel Shop. But this episode isn’t just about what we have been doing or what we have in the works for 2018. I also dive into what you can do to better yourself and your golf game in 2018.

My big question to you is:

What are you committed to in 2018?

What are you going to change?  What has been holding you back?  What is one big thing that you can commit to in 2018 that will either propel you further forward or maybe completely change the direction you are heading in your fitness, golf, diet, or whatever it might be that you want to impact?

5 Points to think about:

 1. Create Your Manifesto

Figure out what your goals are and begin to define yourself by those standards. All change takes time but the first steps are figuring out which direction you want to go and the best route to take to get there.

Own Your Body

Mastering better movement and taking control of how you move in simple daily activities will help you facilitate better exercises and quality of movement. Invest work on correcting your movements on the smaller scale to see vast improvements throughout your workout routine.

Make Things Stupidly Simple

There are an infinite number of ways to better your game and your fitness/diet routines, but execution hates complexity. The simpler you make these programs, the more likely you are to be consistent and compliant.

Minimize Your Mental Mistakes

Pay more attention to your “mental thermostat” rather than the technical mistakes. You can beat yourself up over the small stuff all day and night, but seeing past that with a clear head is the number one way to maximize your efficiency and consistency on the course.

Enjoy The Process

We often end up treating fitness and our golf game like a chore. We say we don’t play enough golf, but when we do get out there we end up more frustrated then before. Enjoy the game for what it is. Enjoy your mistakes and relishing in the fact that it is part of the process of advancing your game. Enjoy your personal process of getting into shape, whatever form that takes.

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