Core Exercises For Golfers, Not Abs Models

We’ve all seen fitness and weight loss informercials about core strength and chiseled abs, but most of the exercises in those programs aren’t going to do much to help your game.

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Typically, all those core strengthening products you see focus on the “glamour” muscles that make great “before and after” pictures in the abs brochure, but very little to add useful strength.

Your core is much more than that and enormously important in your golf swing.

The muscles around your trunk or midsection that make up the front, back and sides of your body are your complete core and how you’re going to drop strokes.

After all, the main job of your core is to combine stability, strength and power during your swing – important stuff, right?

Rather than do 100s of relatively ineffective crunches and sit-ups, in the video, you’ll learn four new exercises you can do to strengthen your entire core:

  1. Golf stance lift
  2. Side hip plank lift
  3. Bear steps
  4. Around the world

As you watch the video, try to visualize yourself swinging a club and how much you really use your core to control your entire body…it’s a lot.