18SP 035: Damon Goddard | Training Jordan Spieth at the Masters

Today Damon Goddard from AMPD Golf Fitness joins me on the podcast for the second time to discuss his experience at the 2015 as a part of Jordan Spieth’s team.

Damon Goddard has worked with Jordan from the age of 15 and got to experience an incredible week at Augusta National, where his client not only won handily, but broke many records along the way.


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Damon Goddard

Highlights from this Episode

  •  Damon discusses the differences in being at the Masters the 2nd time and how the team approached the week.
  • He explains how and why Jordan was so calm over the course of the week and the fact that the team EXPECTS these kind of results, and doesn’t see it as a “hot streak.”


  • Damon goes into significant detail on Jordan’s training in the week prior to and during the Masters leading up to his big win.
  • Jordan’s workouts included a lot of volume and strength training the week before in Houston, then tapered down for the week of the Masters
  • They especially worked on movement patterns, nutrition, hydration and recovery.
  • Jordan is very technical and knowledgeable when it comes to his body and his training.
  • Damon breaks down the high volume workouts and recovery that they used during these weeks.
  • Jordan’s routine regarding workouts, hitting the range, practicing, etc.

Post Round

  • What Jordan and his family did after the rounds of golf to stay relaxed and focused for each round.
  • Damon describes being in the house with Jordan, his family, and college buddies.

The Overall Experience

  • He relives his experience not just as a trainer but as a spectator walking the grounds with his wife and taking it all in
  • Watching Jordan walk up the 18th Fairway
  • Stories of Jordan’s family and his grandpa’s reaction to the win
  • The importance of this win for Jordan, his family, his friends, and the game of golf overall.

What’s Next?

  • The next goal is to be #1 in the world.
  • We talk about Jordan’s outlook on being a role model and embracing the fact that the young golfers are looking up to him.
  • AMPD Golf Fitness continues to grow both with the junior programs and with the tour level players
  • The big win has definitely sparked a fire in the other players in the family.
  • The Masters has led to many more speaking engagements and opportunities to work with more tour players.

Where to Find Damon Goddard:

Website:  ampdgolffitness.com

Twitter:  @ampdgolffitness

Twitter: @DamonGoddard

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