92: The DRIVE behind successful Golf Fitness Business and Life with Don Saladino

Don Saladino joins us again in this episode to share some of his experiences and lessons learned in the golf fitness business and also around the topics of creating routines, habits, and structure that allow for more success, happiness, and balance.

Running one of the most successful golf fitness businesses is no easy task and there are a lot of components required above and beyond just the training part.  Don has some exciting news to share for any up and coming golf fitness professionals and also shares some of his secrets to living a more productive and fulfilled lifestyle while building a successful company and family life.

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Don Saladino’s Background

  • For more info on Don, you can listen to his 1st episode on the podcast (episode 30) HERE!
  • Don owns and operates Drive 495 in New  York.
  • Started Drive 495 with his brother 9 years ago
  • His younger brother was a golfer and he decided to help his brother gain some size, speed and distance.
  • Started out as a golf fitness facility and has just grown from there.
  • Don has worked with a number of celebrities in prep for movies.

Highlights from this episode:

  • Don announces his new location and explains how it is a completely different animal than Drive 495, but is a very exciting new opportunity and challenge.
  • Don shares some very exciting news about the new internship/educational program they have started at Drive 495, giving the fitness professional the opportunity to learn from the best in the world about not only the training aspect, but all the behind the scenes of creating a very successful business.
  • We delve into some of the habits and routines that Don believes are crucial to not only his success, but in creating a more productive and rewarding life/career for anyone, including the golfer.
  • We even talk about some of the bggest challenges he and his brother have face in their businesses and what it’s like to separate the family part from the business part.

What are you excited about in your near future?

Don’s has a lot of great projects going on.  He is especially proud of Drive 443 and the internship program, but is also stoked about his partnerships/current projects with a few other companies including Greyson Clothiers, Garden of Life nutritional products, and Revolution Golf.

Where to Find Don Saladino:

Facebook: Don Saladino

Twitter: @DonSaladino

Drive 495: driveclubs.com

Drive 443: Drive 443

Revolution Golf: www.RevolutionGolf

Other Links Mentioned

Drive 495 Internship

Greyson Clothiers

Garden of Life

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