Add A Workout Plan To Your Calendar

To get started, you need to log in to the app using your credentials, choose your workout plan and add it to your workout calendar.  

Log-in To The App On Your Mobile Device

  • You will receive your username and password via your email.

Add Your Workout Plan

  • Once you log-in, this will be your home screen.  You will notice the Daily Motion has already been added to your workout calendar. Everyday, spend 5-8 minutes doing the movements – you will be amazed at the results.
  • TAP the menu on the top left to open the side menu.

Side Menu

  • TAP Training Programs to open your My Groups screen.

My Groups

  • All the groups to which you belong will be accessible from this screen.  NOTE: Most golfers will ONLY have 18STRONG MEMBERSHIP, but some one-on-one and group coaching clients will have additional tabs.
  •  TAP 18STRONG MEMBERSHIP to access the workout plans.

Your Membership Home

  • Scroll down to view list of workout plans.
  • TAP the dropdown menu to sort the workout plans.
  • You can either view All of the workout plans at once, or SCROLL through the menu to view the categories and TAP to view plans in your chosen category.
  • SCROLL through workout plans and TAP View Plan for the Workout Plan screen. 
  • TAP Start on the top right to add the workout plan to your workout calendar. 
  • If you decide this plan is not right for you, you can TAP Close to return to the previous list of workout plans. 
  • ONLY keep checked the days of the week you are able to work out.  TAP the checkmark to remove that day from your workout calendar. 
  • We recommend you stick to the 7-day per week schedule as the plans are designed to do the bulk of your harder work during the week with active recovery on the weekends.
  • The app will adjust your calendar accordingly. 
  1. SCROLL to choose the Week and Day of the specific workout to start your plan.  NOTE: Most times you will start on Week 1, Day 1, but some golfers want the freedom to go back and forth between plans.
  2. SCROLL to choose your start date.  
  3. TAP to toggle to the right if you wish to get workout reminders sent to your email inbox.
  4. TAP Start Plan
  • TAP Later to start your workout at a later time/date
  • TAP Do It Now to immediately start your workout
  • CONGRATULATIONS!  You have successfully added your workout plan to your calendar. 
  • TAP on either the DAILY MOTION or your scheduled workout to get started.