Fitness killer

Happy Friday, my fellow lean, mean, golf ball whacker guy.

Yesterday, on the LIVE Crew & A call we had a version of this question…

Where should I start?

Now, in general, I have always said to MOVE MORE. And until science proves otherwise, that’ll be the line I tow.

BUT, the caveat to that answer is that is generic.

So, in the interest of specificity, lemme ask you this:

What’s the one thing – that if you stopped doing – would kill your fitness?

[insert your answer here]

Now flip the script…

How can you do it 10X better?


How can you do 10X more of it?

And that’s where the real growth is.

For me, if I stopped lifting weights, not only would it kill my fitness…But, it would kill my golf. And slowly kill my mental well-being.

Now, I can’t work out 10X more often because I’d definitely get hurt, so my goal is to do it 10X better.
Better programs for my goals. Better fun. Better for longevity.

So, what is that one thing for you? And how can we help you 10X it?

Your #1 Fan,
Jeff Pelizzaro

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