Habits + Habits = Powerful Routine

Happy Last Day of February, my fellow The-Masters-is-barely-a-month-away golf lunatic.

The weather is starting to turn warm, so I’m beginning to feel the onset symptoms of golf fever. And it’s going to be intense this year.

But before we completely lose our minds, let’s use March 1 as a starting point for one of my favorite performance improvement techniques…


We always talk about habit-stacking in terms of fitness, but what about playing the game?

Habit stacking is a simple but powerful technique that involves adding new habits onto existing ones to create ONE POWERFUL routine.

By habit stacking, we can create a routine that helps us:

  • Get into the right mindset for the game
  • Maintain focus and energy throughout the game
  • Improve swing mechanics

Here are four easy things you can do that will add up over the course of your round:

  1. Warm-up before your round: Do a minimum 5-minute warm-up to get your muscles nice and loose.
  2. Take deep breaths: Before each shot, take a few deep breaths to help calm your nerves and improve your focus.
  3. Focus on one specific shot: Choose one shot to focus on during your round, such as your drive or putting. This can help you maintain focus and improve your mechanics for that particular shot.
  4. Hydrate and snack: Make sure to stay hydrated (as cold and delicious as they are, beers dehydrate us) and fuel your body with healthy snacks (nuts are a great, easy snack) throughout your round to help maintain energy and focus throughout the game.

As time goes on, you’ll keep adding positive habit on top of positive habit. And your routine will be unstoppable.

But beware of the bad habits. Those can build just as powerful a routine.

Your #1 Fan,
Jeff Pelizzaro

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