86: A whole new approach to club fitting Hoyt McGarity of True Spec Golf

Hoyt McGarity is one of the founders of True Spec Golf, a “brand agnostic” club fitting company that is changing the way golfers can find the perfect clubs for their swing.  In most club fitting situations, a golfer is limited when looking for a custom fit due to only having a single brand to choose from or a somewhat limited selection due limitations in what brands of shafts and clubheads work together.

Hoyt and True Sec Golf have not only solved that solution, they now own that solution, which is a universal adapter known as Club Conex.  They have seen incredible growth in the company in just the last year, going from one location to having plans for 14 in total.  And that doesn’t include their mobile solution.

Listen to this episode with Hoyt to find out why you should be getting fit for clubs, what you should be looking for when you do, and why if given the choice of taking a lesson or getting custom fit, Hoyt would definitely tell you to come see them at True Spec Golf first!

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Hoyt McGarity’s Background

  • Learned the game and fell in love with it when he was introduced to it by his uncle around the age of 6 or 7
  • He started caddying at the age of 12 and worked at some of the top clubs in his area
  • Played golf in college at Lynn University in Florida
  • Turned pro after college, but once he was introduced to the Trackman, he was hooked.
  • He quickly started to dig into learning as much it as he could and decided to go into business with his partner Kyle Monfort
  • Since then the company has exploded and they are growing extremely rapidly
  • They recently purchased Club Conex, which is a game-changing universal adapter that allows club fitters to quickly switch out any shaft and club head, opening up a whole new world of options to all club fitting.

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Highlights from this Episode

  • Hoyt takes us through his story from his very beginnings of golf, his time playing professional golf, and the birth of True Spec Golf
  • We discuss everything under the sun when it comes to club fitting
    • who should get fit
    • when should you get fit
    • how often should you get fit, or get a check up (Hoyt likes to call it “Blue Printing”)
  • Hoyt gives the best answer I’ve heard yet on why you should definitely get fit for clubs even if you are “working on your swing” (I mean let’s be honest here, when AREN’T you working on your swing?)
  • Hoyt shares some stories about working with several tour players and
    • what they were looking at
    • what changes they did or didn’t make
    • what it’s like for the guys on tour when it comes to club fitting and changing equipment
  • You might be surprised to hear how limited some of the tour pros actually are when it comes to what they can and can’t play
  • Hoyt shares some of the experiences he’s had working with a wide variety of people from Brandt Snedeker to Gary Woodland, to James Bond

Rad Roller

CaddyShack or Happy Gilmore?

Happy Gilmore

One or 2 of the Most Influential People, Books, or Experiences in Your Life?

His Uncle (introduced him to the game of golf)

Name the 2 most interesting people you’ve played golf with?

Justin Rose

Sean Connery (aka James Bond)

What are you excited about in your near future?

The growth and new opportunities with True Spec Golf, Club Conex, and simply helping their golfers get better

Where to Find Hoyt McGarity:

website: TrueSpecGolf.com and ClubConex

Facebook: TrueSpec Golf

Twitter: @TrueSpecGolf

Instagram: @TrueSpecGolf

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