“It’s not your job to disappear”

So yesterday, I was posting the new podcast episode to our Facebook group.

And an interesting ad caught my eye.

It was for a clothing line designed for 40+ men called Y.Chroma.

I’d never heard of them.

I’m not a customer.

And we don’t get paid to promote them.

So, the tagline was, “IT’S NOT YOUR JOB TO DISAPPEAR.”

Meaning, just because we’re getting a little longer in the tooth doesn’t mean that we don’t want/need to look our best.

We don’t need to fade into the background.

I kept reading, “It doesn’t happen by accident. It happens ‘cause you made a plan and ran with it.”

Of course, the “plan” is upgrading your wardrobe to their clothes, so you stand out in a sea of guys who have given up.

And I couldn’t help but think, “That IS our Crew.”

Our Crew (and I don’t want to exclude the ladies in our Crew) aren’t riding off into the sunset with the excuse, “Ah, I’m just getting older.”

Now, when it comes to finding a training program that you’re really excited about – that’s a biggie.

But, it’s not a requirement.

Instead, find fulfillment in the tasks.

That’s right – it’s all about the tasks you’re doing (lifting weights, bodyweight training, yoga, jogging, cycling, etc.) to sustain your fitness because that’s what’ll keep you in the game.

Not all the tasks I do to stay fit are fun. But, when I’m finished…boy, are they fulfilling.

Just doing simple 20-minute workouts like Micro Workouts– Total Body may not always be a barrel of monkeys, but they are tremendously fulfilling.

What matters more is that we stop thinking about our workouts as a chore.

And start thinking about them as a vehicle for staying/getting awesome for a very long time.

Time for me to get back to the gym. So many golfers to keep pushing forward.

Your #1 Fan,
Jeff Pelizzaro

PS – If you want a quick fix with lots of promises and before & after pics, then this ain’t for you. There are plenty of others willing to take your money for shiny objects.

BUT, if longevity and not fading into the background is up your alley – then I think you’ll dig Micro Workouts– Total Body .

See you on the inside.