[#2] Jason Glass | How to Train and Play Stronger |Dream Big and Overdeliver

Jason is one of the first guys that really made an impact on me as a golf fitness professional.

From my first experience of his presentation style and  personality at the TPI Leel 2 Fitness Professional course when I met him, I have been a huge fan.

Not only is Jay extremely entertaining, but he constantly has his finger on the pulse of the newest and most effective strength and conditioning research for the golfer.

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Jason’s Background

  • Top golf strength and conditioning specialist.
  • Owns/operates Tour Performance Lab and Kinetica Golf Performance
  • Based in Vancouver BC
  • Specializes in rotary athletes, biomechanics, physical assessments, and functional strength training
  • Consultant for top players on the PGA, LPGA, Web.com, European Tour and professional snowboarders
  • Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for Canadian National Team
  • Head of the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Fitness Advisory Board
  • Host of the Coach Glass Podcast

Topics discussed/Highlights

  • Loves to help people accomplish their dreams and be all they can be.
  • Father, husband
  • Played power sports growing up: hockey, lacrosse, soccer, football
  • Started out working in the tennis world when training, then branched to golf
  • TPI level 1 changed his life in regards to screening and learning more about golf performance
  • Setting an intention and going after it is how Jason got to where he is with TPI
  • Stand up Comedy
  • “Fit doesn’t equal performance”
  • Each golfer has different needs (story of the guy with horse power that needed meat on his bones vs the tempo guy that needed injury prevention)
  • Figure out their needs and decide what course of action to take?
  • Don’t screw yourself by letting the things you can control get out of hand
  • Biggest mistakes:

Golfer’s Biggest Mistakes When it Comes to Fintess

  • not warming up effectively (takes 4 holes to get warmed up)
  • Not staying hydrated and fueled (drinking on the course, toxic foods

What Does Jason Struggle with in His Own Fitness Program

  • Low back pain: Definitely notices it if he hasn’t been training and doing his corrective exercises.
  • Beer: don’t feel guilty though

What is Jason’s Golf game like these days?

  • Chipping and pitching are terrible.
  • Irons are pretty good
  • Good putting

What does your schedule look like with the tour players?

  • Jay meets with them every 6-8 weeks.  He is more of a consultant, not necessary for him to travel with the guys often
  • The soft tissue guys are more important on the road as they can work on specific issues and get the guys feeling better and moving right.

What do the workouts look like the week of a tournament?

  • Tuesday: Arrive on site, full body functional workout
  • Wednesday: Practice day/pro am day, metabolic workout, very intense 30-45 min
  • Thursday:  1st round early morning work with physio/mobility soft tissue, dynamic warmup, maybe a 20 min feel good workout after the round (kinoga, kinetic yoga)
  • Friday: Same as Thursday (same for Sat and Sunday if they make cut)
  • Missed cut, punish days, full workout
  • Monday off

Jay’s Advice

  • Your trainer shouldn’t hold your hand
  • Don’t become reliant on your fitness coach (you’re giving up your will power)
  • Becoming a speaker and presenter has allowed him to impact thousands more people than if he was just working as a trainer
  • To get more power and distance, get an ass. Your glutes are your horse power generator

Favorite piece of equipment that every golfer should have

  • FMT tubing, or gray cook tubing: every one of his players gets one, no excuses on the road.

Favorite on course snack

  • Water,
  • bag of almonds with raisins (high protein and a little sweetness)

Biggest misconception of golf fitness:

  • golf fitness is similar to other types of fitness (insanity, P90x)

Greatest sports movie

  • Slapshot or Caddyshack. Final decision Caddyshack

What are you excited about in your Career right now

  • Coach Glass PodcastCOACH GLASS PODCAST
  •  “The Next Level”- Jason’s upcoming project, online subscription site for all of his fitness news and edumatainment

Define 18strong:

  • Your round of golf isn’t by accident. Take control of the outside factors

What would Jay’s workout look like if he worked a normal job

  • 2 good workouts a week (Mon and Wed) 45 min workouts
  • 15 min warmup, 15 min resistance, 10 min cool down
  • 3rd day is something completely different (hike, etc)
  • plenty of time at the course for warmup on Sat.
  • Get screened, find out your limitations and start working on them.

Jay’s last piece of Advice

  • Dream big and overdeliver: ask yourself “what could I accomplish in life” and get off your ass and do it!
  • Write down your goals and start checking off the boxes
  • If you do the hard work, you will achieve your goals

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