89: How to balance training and rehab Dr. Kyler Brown

Dr. Kyler Brown from Austin Sports Therapy joins is an expert in working with athletes and other individuals to overcome injuries, or other issues that may be impairing their performance, whether than be on the course, on the field, or simply in everyday life.

Kyler’s background as a former collegiate athlete and his training as a chiropractor have helped him develop a very integrated approach to healing and treatment.  Rather than simply look at a diagnosis of one particular body part, Kyler explains why it’s so important to treat the individual as a whole instead of separate pieces.

This is important for you to make educated decisions about any possible medical intervention you may need, but also simply to help guide your approach when embarking on your fitness, performance, and practice.

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Dr. Kyler Brown’s Background

  • Doctorate from Palmer College of Chiropractic West in San Jose, CA
  • Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician
  • His specialties include Active Release Technique (masters level), Cox Flexion Distraction, Diversified Spinal and Extra Spinal Rehabilitation Techniques, Selective Functional Movement assessment (SFMA), Functional Movement Screen (FMS), and detailed biomechanical assessment protocols.
  • Dr. Brown has experience working with elite athletes including NFL, NBA, MLB, PGA, NHL, and Olympic athletes, professional tennis players, English Premier League players, and NCAA and world champion triathletes.

Highlights from this Episode

  • Kyler’s gives us his background as a collegiate basketball player and his journey into chiropractic care
  • He explains his philosophies as they pertain to treating clients/patients with the mindset that a particular injury or symptom may just be one piece of the puzzle.  There may be several factors (many times that are not obvious) that are contributing to the cause
  • Without fixing the root causes, which can be limitations in mobility, stability, or other factors, symptoms may be alleviated temporarily, but likely will return, or contribute to something more serious.
  • Kyler works with Nick Watney (PGA professional), who has had recent back issues which have sidelined him for a while.
  • We discuss the decision to take the “long and slow” approach with Nick and why, when dealing with your athletic or personal goals, you have to weigh the short term wants (immediate rewards) with the long term needs (overall health).
  • This can be a very difficult decision both for you as the individual and for the medical practitioner.
  • Kyler not only works with athletes, but also does a lot of consulting in the corporate space.
  • So we dig into some daily hacks that you can input into your work day or daily routine to help move better, feel better, play better and simply set you up for more success in your game and log range health.

CaddyShack or Happy Gilmore?

CaddyShack (no question.  I think he was almost offended that I even asked)

One or 2 of the Most Influential People, Books, or Experiences in Your Life?

All in all, he credits the experiences that he has had in the clinics.  Not just at Austin Sports Therapy, but especially some of the relationships and mentors that he had in his early clinical experiences.  One in particular being with Dr. Rob DeStephano at La Palestra Center for Preventative Medicine in New York City.

Who would you like to spend a day on the course with?

Jim Nance, but under the condition that Jim is calling play by play for his round of golf!

What are you excited about in your near future?

Their off-site consultations (or as I referred to it Chiropractic 2.0) where his clinics offer online consultations for patient not in their area.  Allowing them to offer clinical advice or make recommendations for the patient to a practitioner that is in their local network.  Basically, this allows patients to get a quality referral from the staff at Austin Sports Therapy so they aren’t overwhelmed by all of the options on the internet.

Where to Find Dr. Kyler Brown:

website: Austin Sports Therapy

Facebook: Austin Sports Therapy

Twitter: Dr. Kyler Brown

For more information on Austin Sports Therapy or how to get a consult, go to their contact page.

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