18SP 045: Martin Chuck | Successful and Repetitive Ball Striking

What does it take to make your workouts and golf game 18STRONG? Join us as Martin Chuck shares his expertise in the world of golf instruction and gives us an in inside look at the keys to a successful and repetitive impact on the golf ball.

Martin Chuck is one of the most prominent golf instructors on the web.  From his Tour Striker Golf Academy and training aids to his instructional videos on Revolution golf, Martin has impacted hundreds of thousands of golfers with his philosophy of creating successful and repetitive impact.

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Martin Chuck’s Background

  • Grew up in Canada
  • Played collegiate golf at New Mexico State University
  • Played on the Mini-tour and Nationwide Tour
  • At age 26 moved to Palm Desert to work at a golf club as a teaching professional
  • Invented the Tour Striker Golf Club and founded the Tour Striker Golf Academy

Highlights from this Episode

Martin Chuck analyzes Ben Bishop’s golf swing (goaltender of the Tampa Bay Lightening):

Martin analyzes my Dad’s (Tom Pelizzaro) swing:

2 Drills that Martin Suggested:

  1. Extension is Key
  2. Add Body Extension to Your Swing


CaddyShack or Happy Gilmore?


What are you excited about in your near future?

Martin has several Tour Striker Schools coming up including a couple overseas in England.  He is very excited to work with new groups of golfers from all over the world in such an intimate and immersive setting.

Where to Find Martin Chuck



Twitter: @tourstriker

Other Links Mentioned

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