[#37] Matt Ginella | Golf, Travel, Fitness and the Job Every Golfer Wants

What does it take to make your workouts and golf game 18STRONG? Join us as Matt Ginella shares his expertise in the world of Golf, Fitness, and Travel. Matt gives us an in inside look at his duties on the Golf Channel and what its like trying to stay fit for golf on the road.

Matt seemingly has the Greatest Job on Earth from a golfers perspective.  He gets to travel the world, playing the best courses and going to the local hangouts and restaurants, then reports back to the Golf Channel with his notes.  Matt gives us a behind the scenes look at what his job is REALLY like and how he is able to stay in great golf shape despite the crazy travel and work schedule.

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Matt Ginella’s Background

  • His uncle got him a job at his local golf club when he was a kidon fence
  • Ended up working on the superintendent crew at the course
  • Played golf in college
  • Worked at Sports Illustrated on an internship and eventually became the golf photo editor
  • Went ot Columbia’s Journalism School
  • Went from SI to Golf Digest as the photo editor
  • Became the golf travel writer for Golf Digest
  • Was then invited down to talk with the Golf Channel to talk more about the lifestyle portion of the game


Highlights from this Episode

  • Matt details his schedule when he travels and when he is in studio
  • Usually filming from sunrise to sunset when on location
  • Usually on the road for 3 days interviewing, playing, filming, etc
  • When in town, Matt has a pretty standard routine which plays a bit part in his physical and mental health
  • Very little if any down time on the road to get in the gym
  • When on the road, he cuts down on his eating and eats a lot cleaner (more fish, more water, more veggies, etc)
  • Matt discusses how important the accountability of his personal trainer is in keeping him on track
  • Matt gives his top 3 destinations and reasons why:
    • Bandon Dunes
    • Pinehurst
    • The 3rd is a toss up (Sea Island, The Grand Strand in Myrtle Beach, Northern Michigan)
  • Matt’s worst airline story
  • Matt defines “18STRONG”

Matt Ginella

What has you excited for 2015?

  • He has a piece coming out soon on CHambers Bay and the story behind getting the US Open
  • He has been invited to play in  the Irish Pro Am
  • His annual guys trip to Bandon Dunes

Last Piece of Advice

  • Don’t eat at the airport or on the airplanes


Where to Find Matt Ginella

Twitter: @MattGinellaGC


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