Master The Mental Side of Golf (Part 1)| Revisiting Our Favorite Mental Game Episodes [#243]

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This week (and next week) on the podcast, we are digging into the vault and revisiting a few of our favorite episodes and experts on the Mental Game.

As a golfer, you know that working on your technique and your swing is only a piece of the puzzle, and no matter how much you practice, when you finally step on the teebox, all of that preparation can be for naught if your head isn’t screwed on right.

Here at 18STRONG we’ve had the great fortune of chatting with some of the most influential mindset and mental game coaches in and beyond the golf world, and today we are bringing you a “Best of” compilation of these experts.

Highlights From This Episode

Dr. Gio Valiante, Sports Psychologist and Author of Fearless Golf.:

Dr. Gio was originally featured in Episode #204. In this episode, he defines “Fearless Golf,” and why playing with fear can affect your game, not just mentally, but physiologically. Listen to the original episode with Dr. Gio here [episode 204]

Eric Davis, Former Navy Seal Sniper Instructor, author of Habits of Heroes

Eric was originally featured in episode #124. In this episode, Eric shares a story of how visualization and golf had a major impact on the training program they implemented in SEAL sniper school. He dives into the concept of “performance under pressure,” whether in combat or on the golf course, can be prepared for by implementing a process he refers to as “Perfect Practice.” Listen to the original episode with Eric Davis here [#124]

Dr. Bhrett McCabe, Clinical Sports Psychologist and host of The Mindside Podcast

Dr. McCabe was originally featured in episode #122. In this episode, Bhrett shares the meaning behind the title of his book The Mindside Manifesto, and why it is important for each and everyone of us to have our own personal “manifesto.” He also helps us understand the difference (and the importance of knowing the difference) between our athletic “capability” and “capacity” and how this affect the trust we have in ourselves when entering any form of competition (like golf). Listen to the original episode with Dr. McCabe here [#122].

Will Robins, Golf Coach and Founder of The Scoring Method

Will was originally featured in episode #159. In this episode, Will explains the mental shift we have to take when approaching the game of golf. After his professional golf career was cut short due to multiple injuries he suffered when he and his wife were unexpectedly caught in a Tsunami in Thailand in 2004, he reluctantly entered the world of golf instruction. Choosing to take the role as a “coach” instead of a teacher, Will explains how most of us approach the pursuit of getting better at golf incorrectly, only causing more frustration and poorer play. By tapping into the emotional and fun side of the game, rather than the technical side, we can learn to love this game again (and get much better in the process!). Listen to the original episode with Will here [#159]