18SP 017: Michael Manavian | Hormones, Bodybuilding, and Golf Instruction

Michael Manavian is not your typical Teaching Pro.  He is also a nutrition consultant and former world class bodybuilder.  He has found a way to utilize his experience in all of these arenas in one of the most state of the art golf facilities in the US.

As a partner at Greenwich Diagnostics Sports Lab, Michael works with world class golfers not only on their swing, but on nutrition down to the cellular level, literally.

In this episode we discuss the role of hormones on your health and golf game, as well as a few quick dietary fixes to get you on the right track.  We also go into Michael’s history as a bodybuilder and how that has helped shape the way he approaches not only the physical aspect of his golfers, but the mental side, too.

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Michael’s Background

  • From Watertown Massachusetts
  • Graduated from Methodist University
  •  Started teaching golf lessons
  • Then took a year off to play professional golf
  • At 128lbs. he decided he needed to start working on the body and got into Body building and started working with Steve Michalik (Mr. USA/Mr. Universe)
  • Did over 20 bodybuilding shows, then got into training and supplement development
  • Got back into teaching golf a few years ago
  • Met Ali Gilbert and Dr. Steven Murphy, who are now his partners in Greenwich Diagnostics Sports Lab
  • Opened up 2 more locations at the Clay Institute and Rebar Fitness

What Does Greenwich Diagnostics Sports Lab do?

  • Hormone Testing
  • Nutrition consultations
  • Fitness testing and training
  • Primarily work with Golfers

Highlights from this Episode

  • Worked with Rob Labritz in 2010 who went on to be the low pro at the PGA Championship
  • Michael REQUIRES all client to submit a 3 day food log
  • Most people aren’t
    • eating enough protein (1gram per 1lb. of body weight)
    • are eating too many carbs (1gram per .75lbs of body weight)
    • not enough good fats (1 gram per .5lbs of body weight)
  • Michael views weight training as mental toughness training

    I don’t think you can OVERTRAIN, I think you can UNDER-RECUPERATE

  • Your training and recovery need to be proportionate with each other.
  • You can’t train 5 days a week, get little sleep, have bad nutrition habits and expect to get results
  • Recovery has a lot to do with food, and even hormones
  • Michael explains several different hormones and their role in our body’s function
  • Discusses the Steroid Cascade or Cholesterol Cascade
  • Stop eating Soy, stop eating things that come in bags and plastic bottles, and stop eating CRAP!
  • High fructose corn syrup is one of the worst products known to man.
  • Michael wrote a book with his bodybuilding coach/mentor Steve Michalik: Atomic Golf
  • Michael’s bodybuilding consisted of a training program known as Intensity-Insanity developed by Steve Michalik
  • He discusses his training method and how that relates to his golfers and golf instruction

What is Michael Excited about these days?

  • Invited by the golf Channel for a casting call for a new golf fitness show
  • The GEARS Golf 3D system that they are using at the Lab.

Parting Piece of Advice

  • Michael makes note of the fact that their main objective is to optimize people health and enjoyment level so they can continue to play and thus the game of golf grows even more.

Where to Find Michael

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