My predictions come true

Welcome to Day 2 of our Nashville trip!

Played 18 yesterday. And have 36 on the schedule at Hermitage GC today – that’s the course with the sheep everywhere.

I’m predicting a great day.

So, to keep the day interesting, we’ve got a few bets on the line. And I’m predicting I’ll be collecting hundred dollar bills this evening.

When it comes to golf, I can’t predict anything.

But, when it comes to my workout results, my predictions aren’t based on a crystal ball.

They’re based on observing what works with me and my clients in the gym. Then wondering, “What would happen if I told more golfers about that?”

And then “test” to see if what worked for us also produced the same results for the next group.

Then, ask myself, “I wonder if the result is predictable?”

Will it happen the same way for everyone who follows the program?

So far, the answer is “YES.”

What we’re trying to accomplish in the Hyper-Elastic Distance program, is that distance increases from training your elasticity.

On Monday, a 57-yr-old golfer wrote to tell me that after years of losing distance, he’s now pounding the ball after only a few days doing the training.

How about that?

I’m happy for him. In fact, I’m f-ing pumped!

Even though his results are “predictable’, they’re HUGE because it further proves what I’ve been learning about and testing can work for a wide range of golfers.

You get more distance with better elasticity.

Predictable results – if you’re willing to follow the plan (Hyper-Elastic Distance) and do the work.

Your #1 Fan,
Jeff Pelizzaro

PS – Want 20+ yards in the next 14 days by training just 20 minutes per day?

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