70: How and Why You Should be Foam Rolling with Nick Mueller

Nick Mueller joins us again to discuss how important self myofascial release/massage (SMR) can be for a golfer, and how it can be done very effectively if you have the right kind of tools, like a foam rolling.

Nick is the head of Golf Performance at Innovative Fitness in South Surrey, BC , Canada.  Nick is an expert when it comes to strength and conditioning, especially in the world of golf and fitness.  Nick was a guest on an earlier episode of the 18STRONG Podcast (Episode 010) which we discussed regressing and correcting movement in the golfer in order to progress and make improvements.  This episode falls right in line with the last one.

Knowing SMR techniques and how to properly do them with a small piece of equiptment (like a foam roller or ball) can save you lots of time and money trying to get your body back in order or recovering from a tough day on the course.


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Nick Mueller’s Background

Nick Mueller foam rollingYou can find more about Nick and his background at Innovative fitness HERE 

Since we last heard from Nick on the show he has started a new junior golf program at Innovative Fitness and has been working with several WebdotCom hopefuls.

Nick has also been named an ambassador for RAD a company that specializes in making very sophisticated self myofascial products.


Highlights from this Episode

  • Nick catches us up on all of the projects and programs he is affiliated with since our last conversation on the show (60 episodes ago!).
  • Nick gives us a breakdown of what fascia is in layman’s terms and what we can do to work on it.
  • We discus several different tools available that can help you with your self massage techniques.
  • Nick highlights a few of the RAD products that he loves and why
  • Nick explains why a golfer especially should be utilizing SMR techniques to play better and feel better

Foam rolling


CaddyShack or Happy Gilmore?

Bagger Vance (Nick just had to be different.  For the record, I do not accept this answer as legitimate!)

Who would you like to spend a day on the course with?

Tiger Woods

What are you excited about in your near future?

His new Junior Program, Heading to the PGA show to represent Innovative Fitness and RAD

Where to Find Nick Mueller

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