76: Our Trip to the 2016 PGA Show

Our trip to the 2016 PGA Show was a huge success.  It was the first trip that Ryan, Tim, and I have taken together as 18STRONG, and and I have to say, we had a great time, met some great people, and were amazed at not only the size of the show, but the excitement that was in the air around golf in general.


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Highlights from this Episode

In this episode, I simply wanted to give you a glimpse of our experience at the PGA show.   There are so many great people and connections that we made while we were there.  If you have never been to the show before, I highly recommend going just to experience it once.

You will find everything under the sun that is golf related: gadgets, equipment, simulators, golf carts, apparel, you name it.

Here is a little collage of our trip.  Yes, we had a very good time!

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