18SP 014: Phillip Lapuz | The Lost Art of Practice | Kronos Golf | Shark Tank

You may recognize the name Philip Lapuz from his appearance on ABC’s hit show Shark Tank with his company Kronos Golf. In this episode of the 18STRONG Podcast I have a chance to talk with Phillip about the story behind these amazing putters.

The mantra of Kronos Golf is pretty simple, here is a piece directly from their website:

The golf industry has been blinded with lies, disgraceful manufacturing, and false idols.

KRONOS was founded as a rebirth of golf.

KRONOS will never promise that our clubs will make you a better golfer. Only you can make yourself a better golfer. Only you can improve through practice.

We promise to build our products with integrity and elevated precision. It’s a promise to craft something you can trust.

I love it. And that’s why when I saw his episode on “The Shark Tank,” I knew I wanted to meet him and get him on the show.  Not only did I get to meet him, but I had the opportunity to roll some putts with a couple of his pieces of art.  Better known as putters.

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Phillip’s and Kronos Golf’s Background

  •  Started Kronos while in Grad school in JapanPhillip-Lapuz head shot
  • His best friends’ dad used to design and manufacture clubs, which is where he originally learned and fell in love with golf design
  • When playing on the golf team in Japan, he decided to make his own putter, then produced around 100 of them, which sold out quickly when he took them back to Japan

Highlights from This Episode

  • Their CNC milling process is the most precise out there in regards to designing putters
  • Most important things to know about a putter
    • That the face is truly flat
    • That the sight line and sweet spot line up properly (this isn’t as standard as you would think!)
    • “Draft” on the bottom of the putter
  • What to know when getting fit for a putter:
    • Length of the club
    • Lie angle of the club (the angle at which the shaft enters the head of the club)
  • Kronos prides itself on the challenge and journey of the game of golf rather than the idea that technology should be adapted to make the game easier for the golfer.
  • Phillip explains the details of his experience on “the Shark Tank” (see the video below)
  • Sales in Japan have been their biggest source of revenue, primarily because they have a different mentality around quality and the ideals of practice in regards to the journey of mastery

Last Piece of Advice:

  • Just go out there and have fun!

Where to find Phillip and Kronos Golf:

website: kronosgolf.comDArcyfacecloseup

Facebook: Kronos Golf

Twitter:  @KronosGolf

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