18SP 048: Robbie Cannon | How Golf Fitness Changed his Career and Made Him a Champion!

What does it take to make your workouts and golf game 18STRONG? Join us as Robbie Cannon shares his expertise in the world of Golf Fitness, Championship Amateur Golf and gives us an in inside look at his week at the Open Championship with Shane Lowry.

Robbie Cannon is the owner of Cannon Performance, in Dublin, Ireland.  He works with some of the top professionals and amateur golfer/golf teams in Ireland.  Robbie is also a champion amateur golfer himself. Robbie stresses that the introduction of proper fitness into his training changed his game, but also created a passion that changed his career!

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Robbie Cannon’s Background

  • Robbie started paying golf around the age of 14
  • Started having some success at the amateur ranks
  • Robbie was introduced to some of the top instructors in Ireland to help him with his game, both with his swing and fitness (John Kelly and Liam Hennessy)
  • The saw significant changes in his game and found a passion for the fitness side.
  • He won the 2009 South of Ireland Tournament as well as the 2013 Irish Amateur
  • He changed his career to the fitness side of golf, realizing that he could help so many of the irish youth and even the elite players by helping them in their training.

Robbie CannonRobbie Cannon

Highlights from this Episode

  • Robbie goes into detail about his story; how fitness and great instruction molded him into the player he is today and how his passion was created for helping other golfers
  • We discuss some of the changes that Robbie made, both in his fitness routine as well as his diet that made the biggest difference.
  • Robbie has also become a competitive sprinter in recent years and explains some of the exercises that overlap between golf and sprinting that help create the explosive power needed.
  • Robbie spent the week at the 2015 Open Championship with Shane Lowry at St. Andrews and discusses how they prepared for the event
  • We talk about Shane’s career and some of the other great players that Robbie has had the fortune of wither playing with, or coaching.
  • Robbie gives some insight into the difference of playing Links style golf vs. what we are used to playing in the US

CaddyShack or Happy Gilmore?

Happy Gilmore

What are you excited about in your near future?

Robbie is working with an elite group of Irish female golfers that is playing extremely well.  He is especially impressed with Olivia Mehaffey’s recent play and says to watch out for her in the future!

Where to Find Robbie:

Website: Cannon Performance

Facebook: Cannon Performance

Twitter: @RobbieCannon

Other Info from this Episode:

Padraig Dooley-  TPI Expert, also runs a golf travel company for golfing in Ireland

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