78: Why quieting the mind is making some noise with Sam Goulden

Sam Goulden joins us in this episode to share his experiences as a coach and a player in this incredible game of golf.  Sam has become one of the most sought after coaches in the game that is working with the Focus Band and delving more into the world of managing the mind and focus on the course,as opposed to the traditional model of instruction which is generally based more on technique and positional changes.

In this episode, Sam and I talk about his travels and experiences from playing/teaching here in St. Louis, to selling all of his possessions and traveling to California to play, at times living in a tent and struggling to figure out his position in this game.  Sam loves the game of golf and has found a new appreciation for playing and coaching using this new approach of mind over technique.

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Sam Goulden’s Background

  • Sam GouldenGrew up in Washington, Missouri
  • Skateboarder first, golfer second (at least used to be).
  • Started coaching golfers, then his fucosed shifted more to playing competitively in 2006.
  • Moved to California in 2009 to play on the mini tours.
  • In 2012, decided to give it a run at PGA Tour qualifiers, sold all his possessions and took his show on the road, documenting the whole process with a group of other players, known as TourQuest
  • Sam has been doing a lot more teaching and instruction as of recently, working very closely with the developers of the Focus Band (Graeme and Henry Boulton) and mental game/short game instructor Jason Goldsmith.

Highlights from this Episode

  • Sam gives us the highlights of his incredible journey from when he was a golfer in Washington Missouri to where he is now (which is currently The Royal Isabella in Puerto Rico!).
  • We talk about how we met many years ago here in St. Louis when we were both much younger, more naive and probably more handsome.
  • We discuss Sam’s experiences using the Focus Band in his instruction with students and how it has completely changed how he teaches.
  • Sam shares his unique perspective on how the ability to quiet one’s mind (which is actually an ancient process) can make practice much more effective and competition much more relaxing and FUN.
  • Sam walks us through some practical applications of the focus band as well as a couple of things we can do to work on the mind without the high tech components.
  • See the target, see the ball.  Know where your intended target is and let the rest go.
  • Lots of great stories and experiences in this episode.  Definitely take a listen!
Sam Goulden
Henry Boulton working with the Focus Band and mobile App

CaddyShack or Happy Gilmore?


One or 2 of the Most Influential People, Books, or Experiences in Your Life?

Ben Hogan’s 5 Lessons

Jason Goldsmith

Who would you like to spend a day on the course with?

Ben Hogan

The 19y.o. version of himself

What are you excited about in your near future?

Getting as good as possible, playing great golf and continuing to grow the game with his golfers

Where to Find Sam Goulden:

website: https://samgouldengolf.com/Sam goulden

Facebook: TourQuest







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